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imaginary pyn

5thJan 6, 2024 by Fendimania
vanili nasty mouth. you gave me a free wig file and expected me to be forever in your debt. do i look like i struggle to get a fucking wig ? you clearly don't know about me and need to ask around about me lady

harley vile freak. you made a whole blog and spammed it to your friends because you didn't like the fact i was a successful person of colour. even bitches who dont like me were on my side lol you're disgusting

abrogated your attitude is awful

peace123 absolutely gorgeous omg love u so much

vansreborn i remember seeing you on my old account all those years ago however i was very disappointed when i returned to find out you had fled the country, all for a bird... not a lads lad

steefano you mailed me and said "don't run away be a real man and talk to me" are u fr? sorry babyboy you can't have an alpha off with me i'm the ultimate alpha.

#Amixoxi ugh ugh ughhh yess yes yes nyesnyesnyesnyesnesssssssssamiii......

gagaluv lol bitches must run in the family. you and jenna are horrible people and i cant wait to see you both fight over a hoh again. dont ever ask me for tips on how to reduce fine lines and wrinkles again

Cecilia581 now thats a boot honey even if it did come from temu idgaf. you hate my guts but i put all that in the past when i saw your video. face face face give me face give me boot give me crimped hair

karmasutra you're a 45 year old man who fixates on cherita and children. i would read you but it appears you rlly dont need me to xd

lexeyjane queen i wish we were friends omg


Sent by AbioticSand,Jan 6, 2024
No one asked so
Sent by princesspretty,Jan 6, 2024
Sent by Smoothiez,Jan 6, 2024
me next me next
Sent by avenly,Jan 6, 2024
Where’d my slander? Considering you called me a racist for no reason..
Sent by Murly,Jan 6, 2024
never called you racist in my life lol idk what ur issue is bitch murly
Sent by Fendimania,Jan 6, 2024
fendimania you have a serious case of amnesia then.
Sent by Murly,Jan 6, 2024
Your sick
Sent by Steefano,Jan 6, 2024
Sent by lexeyjane,Jan 6, 2024
You slayed some of them methinks
Sent by Eilish,Jan 6, 2024
peace123 was murdered
Sent by Midiaw,Jan 6, 2024
eilish users like harley will assume your skin colour, and then when they find out you're not white they'll say your success comes from a wealthy family anyway. that tells me all i need to know sis. beware
Sent by Fendimania,Jan 6, 2024
Not me thinking this is a real PYN & about to say me
Sent by Anas,Jan 6, 2024
*yawn* get over yourself also get some professional help as you clearly need it 🖕🏻
Sent by Vanili,Jan 6, 2024
not you forgetting to do me
Sent by Booyahhayoob,Jan 6, 2024
I’m back to ruin Fendi’s day after sending me a PM to stay off the blog 😂😂
Sent by Murly,Jan 6, 2024
I didn't say stay off the blog, i said keep your dry pussy and wig off it, there's a difference. murly
Sent by Fendimania,Jan 6, 2024
steps on you
Sent by gagaluv,Jan 6, 2024
fendimania yeah clearly… take your meds.
Sent by Murly,Jan 6, 2024
You're just an attention seeking swine
Sent by abrogated,Jan 6, 2024
Spilled on me and harley!!
Sent by peace123,Jan 6, 2024
Sent by PenguinOwen126,Jan 6, 2024
Sent by ikaw0ng,Jan 7, 2024

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