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lemme get this straight

2ndMar 26, 2024 by Fendimania
cheritaisdelicious swore blind she'd never work with dylan again after he said she abuses her cat and made comments on her vag... but she workin with him 48 hours later ?

ill give it to dylan he sure does know how to work a redhead!


You’re kinda obsessed with Cherita. She has that power
Sent by bamold1999,Mar 26, 2024
Sent by Alisowned,Mar 26, 2024
Sure, you got me, clearly he's my number 1 ally now because I didn't lock him in this time.
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Mar 26, 2024
But she’ll hold grudges all year cause someone told her to get laid 😂😂
Sent by Gaiaphagee,Mar 26, 2024
Cherita contradicts her morality daily
Sent by ChaaChiing,Mar 27, 2024
gaiaphagee sexually harassing someone isn't cute. And I've never said I like Dylan or forgive him for anything he's said. I think he's a horrible person. But I'm playing a game here and I did one set that I thought might go through and it did.
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Mar 27, 2024
cheritaisdelicious we need to look out for those who are actually dealing with SA, not the drama queen who cried wolf
Sent by Gaiaphagee,Mar 27, 2024
gaiaphagee please find a dictionary and look up the difference between harassment and assault. They are two separate things, and just because harassment is less severe doesn't mean it's okay or that women should have to deal with it.

And you know nothing about my life and my experiences. I'm not going to share my entire life story on this site but you have no idea if I've experienced sexual assault and abuse in my life.
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Mar 27, 2024
cheritaisdelicious no one said you didn’t… I’m referring to your little fit about 3 words that mean nothing
Sent by Gaiaphagee,Mar 27, 2024
Unblock me and we can chat like adults or we can keep arguing over someone else’s blog :P
Sent by Gaiaphagee,Mar 27, 2024
gaiaphagee I can unblock you but you give zero indication you want to "talk like adults." It REALLY shouldn't be difficult for you to not make unwanted comments to me about my body or sex life. That's literally sexual harassment, and calling it that is not "crying wolf" if anything it's apparently educating a man who thinks he can say whatever he wants to women.
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Mar 27, 2024
deadass chaachiing
Sent by Fendimania,Mar 27, 2024
I’m a red head and I worked Dylan.
Sent by heyitsmaggee,Mar 27, 2024

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