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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

appreciation post

Mar 26, 2024 by Fendimania
julie1234 dgaf abt playing games or blogs on this website. shes a purple level. we dont communicate, but every time im in stars she always saves me.

now thats what im fucking talking about, who else tryna be like julie ?


Hey julie <3
Sent by Fendimania,Nov 7, 2022
Hey Fer <3
Sent by julie1234,Nov 7, 2022
Sent by Fendimania,Mar 26, 2024
Hey Fer <3
Sent by Alisowned,Mar 26, 2024
personally i can't relate to not caring about blogs but otherwise i do really appreciate her vibe
Sent by Absol,Mar 26, 2024
LOL fr absol
Sent by Fendimania,Mar 26, 2024
Trend her now julie1234
Sent by Yonaka,Mar 26, 2024

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