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1stAug 27, 2012 by Dmpwb45
imageThanks for the top blog Tengaged !

Sign by jenniibabyx


Sent by maxiphone27,Aug 27, 2012
Omgg goo in .
Sent by Lowwww,Aug 27, 2012
Sent by jdog,Aug 27, 2012
Sent by NotAfraid,Aug 27, 2012

I will always be here for you ILY!
Sent by evil_derrick,Aug 27, 2012
thank you evil_derrick :((( even when all of tengaged is against me
Sent by Dmpwb45,Aug 27, 2012
lmao shes a stupid bitch anyway. Just tell her to fuck off, and get new friends on here. They obvioulsy aren't your real friends. :)

If you ever want a skype call, hun, you can mail me, and I can add you to mine :**

And, mainly the reason why she gets so much attention, is because she is kinda like a female LOL. If you think about it, mainly all females have a lot of popularity lol
Sent by brandonpinzu,Aug 27, 2012
loves the famous words of brandonpinzu list to him he is a god and a really good friend when you need one!
Sent by evil_derrick,Aug 27, 2012
W o w   d r a m a
Sent by Millzipede,Aug 27, 2012
The thing is....about the Stef575 thing....
It's not personally against you. XD
Back in 2009, I was super famous FOR NO REASON!
Now, since 2010, I'm irrelevant.
I was famous as a yellow level. XD
Don't take the way they treat her as realistic. Tengaged popularity comes and goes...don't get annoyed by it. :P
Sent by Yoshitomi,Aug 27, 2012
LOL I watched the whole thing bruh. I think me, you and her were just in a Skype chat together and my first impressions of her weren't great. She just seemed like everything I don't like about tg lol. Also, you told her to come on this site and act a certain is that working out for you? Smh i wish people would just be real for once here, none of this fake shit. I don't really know you man but you've gained a little respect from me. I liked the jab at Halloween too. That shit was hilarious! you need to meet some more people on here for real...
Sent by DCSooner,Aug 27, 2012
Also I agree with Yoshitomi there are only like a handful of people who are loved no matter what. Everyone else's sense of "relevancy" comes and goes or in case, goes goes up and down lol
Sent by DCSooner,Aug 27, 2012
Sent by DCSooner,Aug 27, 2012
Loves evil_derrick < 3
Sent by brandonpinzu,Aug 27, 2012
All I'm gonna say is I have nothing against either you or stef but if she's going to make you feel this shit well maybe you should say it to her face or try come to an understanding of what you're going through while she has the experience of her life here..
Sent by Farst,Aug 27, 2012
He buys t's He has no life LOLLOL

DAMIAN I FUCKING LOVE YOU < 333333333333333333333333333333

:* ILY < 3
Sent by andalarew_2231,Aug 27, 2012
best friends in real life should not be split up because of this site reality this site really means nothing @_@
stef575 dmpwb45
Sent by owee13,Aug 27, 2012
Lol you gave her some bad advice tbh. "Act like a queen, and like a black chick, super gay" I cannot stand those fake people. I wish everyone would be genuine. And I agree, fucking halloween?! Really?! >.
Sent by RawrItsNick,Aug 27, 2012
its a fact that you gain t-relevancy by being an actual girl
Sent by smi9127,Aug 27, 2012
tbh this is the first time I seen your name...
Sent by tomhartnell,Aug 27, 2012
What are you guys talking about? I'm a girl and Im not T-famous at all.

^Such a stereotype

And awwww dmpwb45 im sorry about this. I joined the same way. Through a friend and after all this time we're still bff's.
Sent by chameleoneyes,Aug 27, 2012
well actually to be completely honest with you too this is the first time ive seen your name tomhartnell ..... did you just return ?
Sent by Dmpwb45,Aug 27, 2012
you have god awful kpg and the ugliest avatar i have ever seen so i think out of everyone on tengaged i dont think you should be talking tomhartnell
Sent by Dmpwb45,Aug 27, 2012
Get it Dmpwb45 !
Sent by Javy9,Aug 27, 2012
OMFG Dmpwb45 i love u , can u be my new bff kty
Sent by nikki101,Aug 28, 2012

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