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5thJan 26, 2018 by Dmpwb45


I'm an old schooler so I may not know most you, but I wanna see who's still here!

Didn't know you before I returned, but you're in my Ultimate Challenge and you're doing great! You gave me my frat and you're always super nice and funny with your diary entries. I'm really glad you're a contestant

Believe it or not I actually know who you are. I was browsing group games and saw you and Mel doing the tire flip challenge. You seem like a hard working player! I totally would have scouted you for Ultimate Challenge

I unfortunately don't know who you are, but let's play a game together sometime!

Briefly met you in the CGG Rookies we played. You posted a blog about mental illness which I think is really awesome, so you have mad props in my books

Before I left I heard or saw your name everywhere. Glad to see you're still relevant :) Grats on HOF, I don't think you were HOF when I went

You joined Tengaged way before me so I'm floored I don't know who you are

There's something about you man that just makes people like you. You're a funny fuckin dude and I look forward to your blogs. Glad you're still here

In all honesty I know nothing about you, but we played a survivor game and you lied straight to my face for Ween and I didn't think that was cool. I don't know enough about you to bash you or make an accurate opinion, but I think you tried to tell me you slept through an entire DC even though you were online for all of it 😂😂😂

I didn't know you prior, but I'm instantly obsessed. Your avatar is beautiful, your KPG is phenomenal and 3 Stars wins consecutively on the front page. Girl teach me

Just like Mel you're brand new to me and a contestant on Ultimate Challenge! You're so creative with your challenge submissions and seem super nice. You're doing great!

No idea who you are either, you may have started after I left?

Don't know you either, but you're really good at survivor and castings. Holy

Ever since I came back I've been calling you "Apple Dude" when I see you. Not sure if you used to be an apple back in the day too

Don't know you either but your avi is giving me badass Nicki Minaj vibes

Sue :) this might sound weird cause you probably don't know who I am, but I think you're the sweetest thing in the world. I won some gagaluv giveaways and you helped gift me the stuff. I always hear people talking about you and you seem great

Another new face and Ultimate Challenge contestant! From what i've seen you give your game and everything 100%. You had the best contestant bio I've ever seen (Your first confessional). You're not afraid to be a yourself, even if that means being friends with Halloween. You're a cool enough dude that no one has the right to judge you for it

You got a wicked merge streak going and you're always down to play a Frooks. I feel like you used to be in the HOF or at least a frequent monthly ranker way back when? Something about you is crazy familiar

Definitely didn't know you before I left. I see you commenting a lot on blogs though

The 4th Ultimate Challenge contestant in this PYN. You're playing a great game as well and always ask great questions so you don't miss a beat! I almost joined your Hunger Games when I first came back, but decided I needed to get my host fix instead

Your name is insanely familiar. I know I knew you before I left. I think people like you? You're known for something and I don't think it's being a bitch

I seriously laughed so hard at this I screamed
I didn't know you before I left, I looked at your join date

You seem so sweet <3 Glad you got second in that CGG Rookies we played!

When I saw you comment my first thought was "Oh that's the guy with the puppy dog filter avatar" but I guess I was wrong? I know I know you from somewhere, but you only play Frooks and I never do so how would I!? It's gonna drive me bonkers

You posted that blog saying you'd post a picture of your date if it got to 200, but you kept upping the blog by +50 and everyone flipped out. I could tell you were trolling so I found it funny, but that's my only impression of you

Deadass thought you were Brxan 's multi for some reason. That makes literally no sense, but whenever I see your name I can't forget that

No idea :( I know for a fact you're new to me though

I think I scouted you for Ultimate Challenge maybe?

Sweet merge streak you got going, best of luck! Name rings a bell, but I thought you were JUST in stars. Guess I was wrong

Such a crazy coincidence but people were JUST talking about you in my last Rookies game. Good things I promise ;) Appearntly you’re really easy to get along with and kind

You’ve been here since before I was! Impression wise, you come off as a slutty asshole but you embrace it so werk. You’re also super good looking and French. That’s all I know lol

Another newbie to both me and Ultimate Challenge! You literally won this weeks reward challenge less than an hour ago. Safe to say I think you’re doing awesome

Yours and Diva1 's gift giveaways gave me more than half of my designs. I think you're so sweet and I think it's great you care about Tengaged (Btw I deleted you as a friend for the time being cause of a something to do with my group game). No spoilers, but I'll add you back soon <3

I think I scouted you for Ultimate Challenge. Love a fellow group game player

You're gonna win stars. You aren't afraid to make the moves others won't. I think you're the bears knees (get it)
Sent by Dmpwb45,Jan 27, 2018

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