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19thMar 2, 2012 by Dmpwb45
imageThanks for the top blog Tengaged !

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Act 1 Tributes
Sent by Dmpwb45,Jun 21, 2012
District 1 Luxury

It was just after noon, an alarm went off. 10 kids got out of bed, perfectly and in a straight line. Butlers came in, as the kids went out, so they could make the beds. The kids filed in, 1 by 1, until they were each in front of a chair. The banquet table had 11 seats, 10 for the kids, 5 on each side, girls on left, boys on right, and a royal looking chair, at the end of the table. Big doors swung open, and a man wearing a robe entered the room, and approached the chair at the end of the table.

Lionus : You may now be seated

All the kids took a seat in unison. Everyone ate, knowing how important today was, and how high the stakes were. There was absolutely no conversation, and death glares all around.

Leeroy : Lionus ?
* Everyone turned their heads, to see Leeroy *
Leeroy : Will we have training season today ?
* Lionus rose *
Lionus : No dear boy, training session will put off for today
* Lionus sat down again *
Leeroy : With all due respect sir, I think we should be able to showcase our talents, one last time, before the big decision
* Everyone began to murmur silently, no one ever defies Lionus *
Lionus : Very well then, we will practice in here
* Lionus tossed up a turkey *
* Leeroy understood the message, and cut it up in midair *
* Lionus smiled and nodded *
Lionus : Melanie
* Lionus threw up 5 strawberries *
* Melanie threw 5 throwing knives, plastering them all to the wall *
* Lionus continued to call names *
Lionus : Finally, Elizabeth
* Lionus threw up 5 grapes *
* Elizabeth aimed her bow, and stuck them all to the wall with one arrow *
* All the kids stood in awe *
* Elizabeth curtsied, and sat back down again *
Lionus : Very good, all of you. Now off to the courtyard
* Everyone rose, filed in a line again, and walked to the courtyard *

All the kids lined up in a horizontal row, in front of the castle. They faced a crowd of 10,000 people. Lionus came out of the castle, and onto the porch above.

Lionus : Greetings one and all, and welcome to the 45th annual hunger games
* No one cheered *
* Lionus cleared his throat *
Lionus : Ahem, as you know, each year we pick 5 men and 5 women, to compete for the title of, representing us, in the hunger games, for that year. 1 person from each sex, will go to then hunger games, and for the other 8….. Well, lets just say that, it makes them train even harder. For these 10 kids, everything is on the line.
* Lionus opens up an envelope *
Lionus : The tribute for the boys is….. Leeroy McCloud
* Leeroy smiles triumphantly and steps forward *
Lionus : Guards, you know what to do with the other 4
Mike : No ! Not not the gas chambers ! Please ! I'll Try harder ! No !
* Guards came to take them away *
* Mike's voice trailed off, as he got further and further away *
* Lionus cleared his voice again *
Lionus : And the tribute for the girls is…..
* Melanie stares down Elizabeth *
Lionus : ….. Elizabeth Vandergas
Melanie : What ! No stop ! This isn't fair ! Your gonna let this slut represent our district !
* Guards came to take Melanie, and the other 3 girls away *
* Elizabeth steps forward *
* The other 3 girls look at Elizabeth , with sad eyes *
* Elizabeth starts to tear up *
* Lionus chuckles *
Lionus : Look at these 2, not even phased by the death of these 8, right ?
* Lionus motioned to the guard *
* Elizabeth felt a strong hand, on her shoulder, and understood *
* Elizabeth wiped the tear away *
Elizabeth : Right
* Lionus chuckled again, and ascended down the steps *
Lionus : Excellent ! Then go out there, and make us proud
* Lionus grabbed Leeroy and Elizabeth's hands *
Lionus : Happy hunger games everyone ! And may the odds be in your favor !
* Lionus raised their hands victoriously *

A helicopter landed in the middle of the courtyard, the crowd separated, to give it a place to land.. The doors opened up, and Lionus , Leeroy and Elizabeth got inside. Then the doors closed, and the helicopter took off, leaving district 1.
Sent by Dmpwb45,Jun 21, 2012
District 2 Masonary

An alarms sounded in the work yard.

Brock : All machines off ! File in maggots, give me your check in cards
* All the workers punch in their cards, into the machine *
* The machine sucked up each card, 1 by 1, as they were inserted *
Brock : Great job everyone, and best of luck to you all
* The machine starts to rumble *
Brock : And the guy tribute is…..
* A punch card shot up into the air *
* Brock caught in in midair *
Brock : Tyson Maverick
* A few guys pat Tyson on the back, and take a breath of relief *
* Tyson walks up and takes a spots beside Brock *
Brock : And for the ladies…..
* Another card shoots up into the air *
* Brock catches it again *
Brock : Bobbi Dunbar
* Bobbie steps forward, to meet Tyson *
Brock : Brock : Good luck guys, and make us proud
* The workers take off their hats in respect *
Brock : You will have 10 minutes to change and get ready. The helicopter will be here in 5
* Bobbi and Tyson head for the change rooms *
* Bobbi and Tyson enter the change rooms *
Bobbi : Hey…. Ugh… Tyson is it ? I was thinking, we could…. You know….. Align ? Or something ?
* Tyson raised his eyebrow *
Bobbi : You know….. I'm tough….. Your tough….. We could-
Tyson : Stop, just stop
* He cut her off *
Tyson : I don't have time for friends, I wanna go in, then win, simple as that. All i'm saying is, I won't be afraid, nor hesitant, to kill you first. Got it ?
* Tyson closed his locker *
* Brock enters *
Brock : Ready ?
* Bobbi slams her locker *
Bobbi : Never been more
* As Bobbi walks past Tyson, she nudges him with her elbow *
* Bobbi leaves the change rooms *
* Brock raises his eyebrow *
* Tyson shakes his head, and follows Bobbi outside *
* Brock follows too *

When Bobbi, Brock and Tyson came out of the change rooms, the helicopter was already landed, in the work yard. Tyson, Bobbi and Brock get in the helicopter, the door closing behind them. The helicopter engines started up, and just like that, it was goodbye district 2.
Sent by Dmpwb45,Jun 21, 2012
District 3 Technology

The buzzing of 5,000 computers, filled the air. Everyones computers shut off, in unison. Everyone looked around franticly.

Francis : Ok everyone, listen up. We will now do the drawing of the tributes. Please draw your attention, to the screen
* The computers turned back on *
Francis : Everyone log on, and go to this website
* A projector flashed a URL, on the wall *
* The sound of typing, circled the room *
Artie : Hey … Hey ! Cameron !!
Cameron : What ?
Artie : Will you promise me something ?
Cameron : Yeah, sure. What is it ?
Artie : If either of us get picked-
Cameron : Don't say that, we wont-
Artie : Don't cut me off !
* A tear swelled in his eye *
Artie : Promise me, you wont go to cornucopia, stay away and be safe
* Cameron stopped *
Cameron : …. ok….
Francis : Now that you are here, log in again, and click " enroll "
* The typing continued *
Francis : Ok, the registrations are in. Please look up at the projector
* Everyone looks up *
Francis : Everyone get ready, cause here we go
* The screen started to generate numbers *
Francis : 128796 ? Ah, Mrs. Dayna Robertson
* Dayna gets up, and walks across the room *
* Dayna takes a seat, beside Francis *
Francis : And 872513, Mr Cameron Ainsworth
Artie : No ! No !!
* Cameron goes over to francis *
Artie : I volunteer as tribute
Francis : Oh ! ok then folks, i see we have a volunteer
* Artie stands up and walks towards Francis *
Cameron : No, Artie, don't do this
Artie : You don't understand Cam, after dad left, and mom died, I swore to protect you. You stay here with Edna, she'll take care of you, feed you, she's been a family friend for a while-
Cameron : No ! Stop ! Im not a kid anymore-
Artie :  Damn it Cam ! Don't cut me off ! You don't stand a chance !
Cameron :  I stand as much of a chance as you
Artie : ….. We are done talking about this, I cant let you do this
Cameron : Neither can i. I demand tribute status. I volunteer as tribute as well, and since i was picked, and i volunteer, i clearly overrule my brothers actions
Francis : …. Volunteer accepted, Cameron will be the final tribute
Cameron : Artie listen to me, a promise is a promise, i'll stay away from cornucopia, i'll make alliances, but most importantly, i'll be fine…. We…. we'll be fine….
Artie : Ok….. Don't fuck this up
* Artie wiped a tear away, and managed an awkward laugh *
* Cam smiled back *

A helicopter came shortly after that. Francis, Dayna, and Cameron got in, leaving district 3, and Artie behind.
Sent by Dmpwb45,Jun 21, 2012
District 4 Fishing

It was a quiet day at sea, and all the boats were out. Suddenly an alarm sounded from the shore, and beams of light shot into the sky.

Jim : Well, its that time again….
Fynn : I know dad, ill be fine
Jim : But just incase, I want you to be careful, don't underestimate anyone. Arrogance is a warriors' biggest downfall
Fynn : Im not a warrior, Dad ! Im not like you ! I can't harpoon like you , I cant get bait like you, i cant even catch fish like you !
Jim : Im not asking you to be like me, I just want you to be safe. I don't want you to make the same mistakes i did, i want better for you
Fynn : No dad, you messed up your childhood, and now your trying to live though me, but you don't understand that your ruining mine !
Jim : Im not proud of the things i did ! But it wasn't my fault ! You think i wanted that for me ?! You think i want that for you !?
Fynn : Just stop ! Ever since i was born, i had always lived in your shadow ! Always having to live up to you reputation ! I wanna be me, no you !
* The boat was silent *
Jim : Im sorry if i made you feel like that
Fynn : Eventually, even the word " sorry " loses its effectiveness. You can only use a word so much, until it has no more meaning….
* Jim drove the boat to the shore *
* The ride back was awkward *
* Fynn and Jim headed for the aquarium *
* Fynn looks back, to see a girl getting out of the water *
* He continues to watch, as she dries her self off, with as towel, that she got from god knows where *
Aqua : Like what you see ?
* Fynn blushes, and kept walking *
* Aqua finishes drying off *
Crystal : Hey !
* Aqua drops the towel *
Aqua : Oh, hi !
Crystal : Hurry , we are gonna miss the ceremony !
Aqua : Ok, we better hurry !
* Aqua and Crystal run to the aquarium *

The aquarium was completely empty. It had been prepped, and cleaned, for the tribute ceremony. Registration booths had buckets of fish, Fynn, Jim, Crystal, and Aqua, approached the booths.

Fynn : Hi, im here to register for the hunger games
Booth Guy : Very well. Take a fish, write your name on it, and throw it in the tank, that matches your gender
* Fynn did so *
* Aqua and Crystal overheard the conversation, and did so as well *
Salty : Ok everyone, the time has come
* Salty put his rod in the male tank *
* Salty snagged a fish *
* He began to reel it in *
Salty : And the male tribute is….. Fynn McGregor
* Fynn stepped up to the podium *
* Salty put his rod in the female tank *
* Salty snagged a fish *
* He began to reel it in *
Salty : And the female tribute is…..
* Aqua and Crystal held hands *
Salty : …. Aqua Nightengale
* Aqua lets go of Crystal's hand, and goes up to the podium as well *
Salty : I know this is hard, but here are our 45th tributes. Good luck, and make us proud !

A helicopter landed outside the arena. Fynn and Aqua had one last chance to say goodbye, before they got in the helicopter with Salty to leave district 4.
Sent by Dmpwb45,Jun 21, 2012
District 5 Power

Zzzzt, zzzt, zzzzt. The power lines were the only noise, on the very quiet day. Lots of workers knew that they could very well be, one of the 45th tributes.

Brutis : Everyone off the poles !
* All the lifts began to decend *
Galiathan : My damn lift is stuck !
Gertrurde : Give it 'ere
* Gertrude takes the remote *
* She starts to press buttons *
* The lift continues to decend easily *
Galiathan : Thanks hunny, i don't know what i'd do without you
Gertrurde : Don't go all soft on me, you big oaf
* She smiled *
* Gertrude and Galiathan, line up with the others *
Brutis : The time has come. Let's make this fast, the district can't go without power for long
* Brutis reached in the ballot box *
Brutis : Galiathan Labetzki
* Galiathan walks up, with sad eyes, locked on Gertrude *
Brutis : And Gertrude Azaria
* Galiathan's heart stopped *
* Gertrude's did too *
Gertrude : This has to be a mistake !
Galiathan : This cant be happening !
Bruitis : Now look, im sorry that you were hit with this horrible twist of fate, but we must continue on as planned
* A helicopter landed, 10 feet away *
Galiathan : No ! I wont go ! No !
* A tranquilizer dart, hit Galiathan, in the neck *
* 2 guards, loaded Galiathan on board *
* Gertrude didn't go easily either *

After the 2 were loaded in, Brutis followed as well, and in the blink of an eye, they were gone
Sent by Dmpwb45,Jun 21, 2012
District 6 Transportation

Tai : Are you sure this is safe ?
Calvin : Absolutely, i do it all the time ! Besides, registrations close soon, and you know what happens if you don't register
Tai : Why does it matter ? We are dead either way, registered or not
Calvin : At least we have a chance if we register…. not registering at all is automatic death
Tai : Yeah, your right… Ok, lets go….
Calvin : Ready ? ….. Now !
* Calvin and Tai jump off a bridge, and onto an oncoming train *
Tai : Wow ! That was a rush ! What now ?
Calvin : In here
* Calvin opens up a hatch, and him, and Tai jump down *
* Calvin and Tai drop down, into the train *
Calvin : Quick ! In a seat, look casual
* Tai and Calvin sit down *
Mindi : Hello, my name is Mindi, ill be your-
* Mindi sees Calvin *
Mindi : Oh… its you….. Guess you don't have a ticket, huh ?
Calvin : You know me too well, baby
* Calvin smirks *
* Mindi rolls her eyes *
Mindi : And who is this ? Your new partner in crime ?
Tai : Im Tai… Tai Nakamuto…. And im not actually new, I've been his friend for a while, i just started doing this because-
Mindi : Whatever….
* Tai slumps *
Mindi : Look, the only reason i wont throw you off this train, is because this is the last train to the tribute ceremony, and i don't wanna be responsible for getting you killed. Now sit down and shut up !
Calvin : Thank you ?
* Mindi walks off *
* The train pulls up to a halt *
Conductor : Last stop, tribute ceremony, everyone off
* Tai and Calvin were stopped at the door *
Doorman : Tickets please. Tickets will be your registration
Tai : Ugh… we… ugh
Mindi : Excuse me ? Gentlemen ? I believe you dropped these
* Mindi hands Calvin, and Tai, 2 tickets *
Calvin : Thank you
* Calvin gives his card, to the doorman *
* Tai does the same *
* Calvin and Tai leave the train *
* Mindi gives the doorman her employee card, and leaves the train too *
Calvin : How did you do that ?
Mindi : Do what ?
Calvin : Don't act all innocent. How did you make those fake tickets for us ?
Mindi : Oh, they weren't fake, i made them on the " ticket express " machine
* Mindi turns around *
Mindi : By the way, you both owe me 5 dollars
* Mindi winks, turns around, and walks towards the stadium *
Calvin : Come on, lets go in, and hope lady luck is on our side
* Calvin runs off towards the stadium *
* Tai, not far behind *

Tai, Calvin and Mindi entered the stadium. The place was packed with railway workers, pilots, engineers and every vehicle driver you could ever imagine. An older looking man with a striped engineer's hat stood all alone on a big stage.

Barry : Greetings everyone, please have a seat. The ceremony will commence shortly
* Everyone took a seat quietly *
Calvin : So, you nervous bud ?
* Calvin playfully elbows Tai *
Tai : Im not in the mood
Calvin : Oh come on, whats wrong with you ? This isn't our first ceremony you know
* Calvin starts to laugh *
Tai : I don't know, i just have a bad feeling, ok ?
* Calvin shrugs *
Calvin : Fine, let's just watch
* 2 spotlights shine on Barry *
Barry : Hello everyone, and welcome to the 45th annual hunger games ceremony. In just a few moments, i will announce which young man, and woman, will be our tributes for the hunger games
* A mini train comes along on a tiny track, in the middle of stadium *
* Barry reaches down, to grab the ticket in the train *
Barry : And the female tribute is….. Mindi Chang
* The crowd separates, reveling Mindi *
* The spotlights point on her *
* Mindi looks both ways, before cautiously walking up the steps, and taking a seat beside Barry *
* Another train comes along *
* Barry grabs the ticket *
Barry : And the male tribute is….. Tai Nakamuto
* The spotlight shines on Tai *
* Tai nods like he expected it, and walks up to greet Barry *
Barry : Well, here you have it… Your 2 tributes for the hunger games. Good luck to you all

A helicopter lands in the middle of the stadium, but Calvin doesn't move or speak, he just remains there speechless. Tai, Mindi and Barry get in, and as the doors close, Tai waves one last time to Calvin who still hasn't moved a muscle. Within seconds, the stadium of district 6 was no longer in sight.
Sent by Dmpwb45,Jun 21, 2012
District 7 Lumber

Splinters were flying everywhere, as the huge chopping machines slowly ate up each tree one by one.

Jack : Hey dude pass me that tree !
* A guy passes Jack a stump *
* Jack throws it in the wood cutter *
Jack : Jill ! Jill !! Jill !!!
* He throws a rock at Jill *
Jill : What !
Jack : Get back to work !
Jill : Stop shouting ! Just turn off the wood cutter !
Jack : Im not slowing down production, just so i can talk to you ! Nut up for shut up !
Jill : Stop telling me to be a man ! Im not a man !! Im a woman !!!
Jack : I don't care Jill i honestly down !
Jill : You could atlas be a little nicer to your sister !
* Jack slams of wood cutter and it turns off *
* Jack gets right up into Jill's face *
Jack : You are not, and never will be my sister… Got it !
* Jack backs up, and kicks the wood cutter *
* The machine turns on again *
* A guy comes over, and shuts off the machine again *
Pete : Ok guys, lots of things to do, and houses to build. You know the drill, tribute time, woo hoo, whatever. Everyone pick a log, then put it in the wood cutter. One of them will have a black stone inside, if your log has this stone, then you are a tribute… Got it ? Good, so hurry up !
* Everyone picks a log, and starts to put them in the machine *
* Guys and girls wipe the sweat off their brow, as a stone doesn't come out of the machine *
* Jack approaches the machine *
* Jack's log goes into the machine *
* Splinters come out the bottom…. and so does a black stone *
Pete : Jack Smith, you are a tribute wait over here please
* A few more people, put their logs into the machine *
* Jill approaches the machine *
* Jill's log goes in, and a black stone comes out *
Pete : Wow ! Um i guess 2 siblings are both going into the hunger games. Jill Smith, you are the female tribute
* Jack growls *
Jill : Ok Jack, jesus christ ! Whats wrong now !
Jack : All this talk about siblings, and the name " Smith " is all shit ! You give a bad image to that last name, and im ashamed to call you my half sister
Jill : Well like it or not, we are both in the hunger games
Jack : Oh, i like it. At least theres 1 person, i know i wont have a hard time killing

The tree leaves start to shake, as a helicopter lands, in a pile of splinters. Jack storms off into the helicopter followed by Jill and Pete.

Pete : Ill be back soon. Don't stop working, you little punks !

And with those wise words, it was sayonara district 7
Sent by Dmpwb45,Jun 21, 2012
District 8 Textiles

Ticka, Ticka, Ticka, Ticka, Ticka. The sound of a needle going in and out of a sweater, with an electric sower, calmed the tense mood, of today. A girl with beautiful blonde hair, and a freshly made, cherry red dress, started to walk down the steps.

Lola : Ugh Diane ? Aren't you a little dress up for the occasion ?
Diane : Oh heavens, no dear, not at all. As the only female district leader, i must present all women of everywhere, with decency and elegance
* Diane trips on the stairs and tumbles down *
Diane : Mother fucker ! My new dress !
* Everyone's machines turn off, and they all stare in shock, at Diane *
* Diane casually gets off the floor, and brushes a piece of hair out of her face *
Diane : As i was saying decency and elegance. Now then, the time has come to pick, the 2 fighting tribute people, for this years, hunger games tournament, killing thing.
* Everyone stares at Diane blankly *
Diane : You know what i mean. Now then, i had my friend program this special machine to read all of your names, then it will randomly pick 1, and sow that name into this pillow. Cute huh ? So you can sleep on it before you…. you know… die and stuff…. But don't be sad ! The pillows will be tre fantastico
* Everyone stares at Diane with jaws dropped, and horror filled eyes *
* Diane clears her throat *
Diane : Now then, here we go
* The machine starts to flash *
* The machine starts to sow, faster than any machine, any of them have even seen *
* The machine stops *
* Diane grabs the pillow, and places a new pillow under the machine *
Diane : Kurt Streisand
* Diane throws the pillow at Kurt *
Kurt : Ow ! I broke a nail !
* Kurt grabs his pillow, and walks up to Diane *
* Diane turns on the machine again *
* The machine starts to flash *
* The machine sows a name into the pillow *
* The machine stops *
* Diane grabs the pillow *
Diane : Lola Richardson
* Diane passes Lola the pillow *
* Lola catches it, and goes beside Diane *
Diane : Well, we are off to the hunger games. See you all on T.V.
* Diane opens the door, and herself, Lola and Kurt, go outside *

Outside, a helicopter is already waiting for them. Diane tries to run, the best she can, in her high heels. When the 3 of them get in the helicopter, they were already for the hunger games, and no more district 8.
Sent by Dmpwb45,Jun 21, 2012
District 9 Grain

Annie : Nina ! Nina !! Come on honey where are you i got you a new dress for the ceremony !

Annie's voice travelled though the grain fields, but Nina didn't hear. Like usual, she was playing in the tall stalks of corn

Nina : Did i hear mother ?…. Probably not
* Nina keeps walking *
* Nina all of a sudden, gets a bad feeling *
* Nina ducks, as a big scythe flies right over her head, nearly decapitating her *
Nina : What the !
Carl : Oh ! Im so sorry ! Are you hurt ?
Nina : No, im ok. Im just lucky i ducked
* Carl laughs *
Carl : Yeah me to. So what are you doing, all the way out here, i barely even saw you
Nina : Yeah, sorry. I like to go out here sometimes, makes me feel invisible, you know ? Get away from it all
Carl : Can't say i do, but you defiantly blend in amazingly
* Nina blushes *
Nina : Thank you
Annie : Nina !!!!!
* Nina perks up *
Nina : Oh shoot, i did hear mom ! Got to go ! Bye !
* Nina runs off *
Carl : Bye ?

Nina keeps running, till her mother's voice gets clearer and clearer

* Nina approaches her house *
Annie : Nina ! Thank heavens ! I thought you died !
Nina : No mother, im fine
Annie : It's scary out there !! Anyways i got you this new dress
* She holds up a huge dress, with tons of bows and tassels *
Nina : ….. Oh believe me. Its just as scary in here…
Annie : No time for jokes, get dressed
* Annie passed her the dress *
* Nina caught the dress and took it up to her room *
* A few minutes go past *
* Nina comes down the stairs *
Annie : Wow ! Hunny you look gorgeous !
Nina : I feel like a parade ballon
* Annie smiles *
Annie : That was my dress as a little girl
Nina : And a beautiful parade ballon, might i add
Annie : I know its a little big and old fashion, but im just so proud of you
* Nina smiles *
Annie : Now come on, we get to ride the tractor
* Annie runs outside all excited *
* Nina shakes her head, and smiles *
Nina : Shotgun !

Annie and Nina have a long ride, to the grain mill, but they finally arrive. When they pull up to the mill, they see people from all over the farm lands pilling into the mill. Annie and Nina get out, and try to squeeze though the crowd.

Simon : Please everyone take a seat the ceremony will begin soon
* Everyone takes a seat *
Simon : Ok everyone, as you know, each year we take 1 tribute for each gender to compete in the hunger games. We do things a little differently here, still the same rules, but we don't do ballot boxes. Instead we use this
* Simon unveils a machine *
Simon : Everyone gets a token, then write your name on it, and put it in this batter mixer. From then on i spin this crank, making automatic bread. When i break open the bread, only 1 token should be inside. If this token is yours, then your a tribute. Ok then, simple enough ? …. Please grab a token, and a pen, and the batter mix is right over there
* Nina grabs a pen, and a token *
* Nina bumps into someone *
Nina : Oh ! Im so sorr-
* Nina stops, when she realize who it is *
Nina : Oh, its you !
Carl : In the flesh
* Carl bites off the tip of his pen, and holds it in his mouth, while he writes his name on his token *
Nina : So…. You nervous ?
* Carl spits out his pen tip, on the floor *
Carl : Men don't get scared
* Carl smiles, and leaves *
* Nina rolls her eyes and blushes *
* Nina finishes writing her name, on her token *
* Nina puts her token in the batter, then returns to her mothers side *
Simon : Ok everyone, the time is now
* Simon approaches the crank, and starts to spin it *
* A long strip of dough comes out of the bottom of the machine, and into a microwave *
* A large flash fills the room, mildly blinding people, for a while *
* When the light dials down, a perfect piece of bread, is in its place *
* Simon reaches in to grab it *
Simon : And the first tribute is….
* He cracks the bread open, and reaches inside for the token *
* Simon reads it *
Simon : Carl Thorton
* Carl slowly walks up, to meet simon on stage *
Nina : Mom, that was the kid i met today
Annie : Im sorry to hear that hunny, i know its not easy for you to make friends, with your condition and all, i know its not easy being-
Nina : That was a whole ago, im better now, i got it taken care of
Annie : I know hunny, but its still in your system
Nina : No its not mom, drop it
Simon : Nina Trembles….
Nina : Yes ?
Simon : Your the female tribute
* Nina's heart stops *
* She totally missed the second part of the tribute ceremony *
Simon : Come on up here
* Nina walks up slowly *
* Her mother grabs her hand *
Nina : Mother, ill be fine
* Annie starts to tear up, but she lets go of Nina's hand *
* Nina walks up to simon *
Simon : Here you have it, our tributes. Best of luck to you all

The windmill started to spin, by the wind, of the helicopter, parked outside. Nina, Carl and Simon went out of the mill, and into the helicopter. While the doors was closing, Nina mouthed " don't cry " to her mother. Annie wiped a tear from her face and managed to put on a fake smile for Nina's sake. When the doors closed, the helicopter didn't waste anytime, in leaving district 9.
Sent by Dmpwb45,Jun 21, 2012
District 10 Livestock

Taylor : Yeeeee hawwwww !
* A rope flew from Taylor's hand, and caught the neck of a speeding cow *
Cow : Mooooo !!!!!
* Taylor jumped on the cow's back, and held on for dear life, as it tossed and turned, like a bull *
Taylor : I got you now, you little critter
* Taylor yanked on the rope, and the cow hit the ground *
* The cow moo'ed, as Taylor used the rope as a leash, and brought the cow back to his pen *
Taylor : Wooo ! That was a work out
Billy : Open the gate !
* Taylor opens the fence *
* Billy comes in riding a cow, and parks him in the pen, then closes the fence, locking him in *
Billy : Thanks
Taylor : Don't emanation it
Billy : No seriously thank you
* Billy put his hand on her shoulder *
* Taylor threw his hand off *
Taylor : Seriously…. don't….
* Taylor wiped some dirt off her shoulders, and walked away *
Billy : Geez…
* A rooster is heard, from the " big barn " *
* Billy runs off towards it *

The " big barn " is kind of an important part, of their small little town. Thats where everyone gets their, eggs, milk, meat, ect. It was kind of like the community store, but it also held events, like dances, concerts, and most importantly, the tribute ceremony. When Billy arrived at the store, he saw Taylor.

Billy : Hey, its you again !
Taylor : Yeah, and ?
Billy : Wow…. snotty much ?
Taylor : Yeah, im kind of a bitch. Are we done here ?
* Taylor leaves *
Billy : I guess so….
* Billy enters the " big barn " *

When taylor enters the barn, she feels very claustrophobic, not that she is afraid of confined spaces, it was just that she didn't like to be touching so many losers at once.

Taylor : Oh god ! Daisy !
Daisy : Awwwe hunny ! you look sad
Taylor : I am ! I met the creepiest boy today !
Daisy : Awwwe, well its ok now
* Taylor smiled *
Keith : Hello ? Is this thing on ? Ok great ! Howdy everyone, welcome to the tribute ceremony. As you know, we decide tributes, by luck of the draw. In this case, golden eggs ! In this bucket of eggs, there are 2 golden eggs, the first male, and first female, to draw these eggs, from the bucket, will be our 45th tributes. We will draw name, by name, until someone get a golden egg. Here we go
* Keith begins to draw names *
* After each person is called, they go up, and grab an egg *
* No one has gotten a single golden egg yet *
Keith : Billy O'Riley
* Billy comes up on stage *
* He reaches in and pulls out an egg *
* Billy drops the egg in horror, as it is a shade of shiny metallic gold *
Keith : Billy, im sorry to say, but you are our first tribute. Please have a seat beside me
* Billy sits down *
Keith : Since a guy is already our tribute, every other guy is safe
* Sighs of relief bounce of the walls, of the crowded room *
Keith : From now on, we will only call girl names
* Keith continues to call names *
Taylor : Hey daisy, that was the kid that stalked me today
Daisy : Eww ! Really ?
Taylor : Yeah, i hope he dies in the hunger games, then i will feel safe again
Daisy : But if he comes back a victor, i am all over him
Taylor : Ew ! Daisy hes creepy
Daisy : What can i say, a winner, is a winner
Taylor : O M G you slut
* Taylor and Daisy start to laugh *
Keith : Daisy Picket
Daisy : Oh ! Im up, wish me luck !
Taylor : Luck !
* Daisy goes up to the bucket, and grabs an egg *
* Daisy pulls out a white egg *
Daisy : Yes ! Im not gonna die !
* Daisy throws down the egg touchdown style *
* Billy gives her a horrified look *
Daisy : Oh…. sorry
* Daisy awkwardly walks off the stage *
Taylor : Oh my god, lol ! Did you see his face, he was all like " i don't wanna die, waa, waa, waa
Daisy : Oh my god, i know right, lol
Keith : Taylor McKenzie
Taylor : Ugh ! Such a long walk up the stairs. Be right back
* Taylor goes up to the bucket, and pulls out a golden egg *
* Daisy's loud gasp fills the silent room *
Taylor : I… i… i dont… understand…..
Keith : I know sweetie, i know its hard, but please sit down
* Taylor sits down *
Keith : Well, i guess these are our tributes. Good luck out there folks
* Keith leads Taylor and Billy outside, to where a helicopter is parked *
* Taylor, Keith and Billy get in the helicopter, leaving district 10 *
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District 11 Agriculture

Fresh vegetables, and fruit, were growing in the fields. It was almost harvest time, but another time was among them… The tribute ceremony

Shontelle : Ooooooo lordy ! I am so sick and tired of working all day !
LeBron : Yo shontelle stop ya bitchin'. We 'er all working hard, now go to the neighbor's house, and get dat boy to help us, with da tractor !
Shotelle : Fine !
* Shontelle walks over to the neighbor's house to get their son *
Shontelle : Yo Tyrone, you here ?
Tyrone : Ya gurl, whatcha need ?
Shontelle : Our stupid tractor is acting up again, and we need your help
Tyrone : Fine, lets go !
* Shontelle takes Tyrone back to her house *
* Tyrone works on the tractor for a bit *
Tyrone : There, i think its fixed
LeBron : Thanks kid, your a life saver
* An alarm sounds from the events centre *
Shontelle : Oh damn ! We gonna be late !
LeBron : Get on everyone !
* Tyrone, Shontelle and LeBron, get on the tractor and drive to the events centre *

When they arrive, people are lined up at the door to get in. Shontelle, Tyrone and LeBron, budge to the front.

Guy : Hey !
Shontelle : Shut yo bitch ass mouth, do you know who i am ? Yeah thats what i though
* Shotnelle makes it inside *
* Tyron and LeBron follow *
Tyron : Damn gurl, you got some spunk
* Shontelle fluffs her hair *
Shontelle : Too much for you to handle
* Shontelle keeps budging, and smack talking, until she gets a front row seat *
* LeBron and Tyrone settle for a spot about middle-ish *
Omar : Yo, yo, yo. This thing on ? Ok great ! Here we are everybody, lets not waste anymore time then. We will be doing an only fashion ballot box… yeah i know its boring, but here we go
* Omar reaches in and pulls out a name *
Omar : Tyrone Johnson
* Tyron makes his way though the crowd, until he is on stage *
Omar : Welcome tyrone, and the second tribute is…..
* Omar picks out another name *
Omar : Shontelle Byers
Shotnelle : Oh hell no ! You must be joking me !
Omar : Im afraid not, please come take a seat up here
* Shotnelle walks up on stage *
Omar : Here is our 45th tributes
* The crowd cheers *

Shotnelle has one last chance to say goodbye to her brother, LeBron, before Tyrone, Omar and herself, are loaded onto the helicopter, and carried away from district 11.
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District 12 Mining

Clang, clang, clang. Pickaxes hitting rocks, made a large amount of noise, against the tiny cave's walls.

George : Ugh ! My back is killing me !
* A water bottle comes flying at him *
Linoi : Heads up
* George caught the water *
George : Thank god that your here ! Ive been having such a bad day !
Linoi : Oh no ! What happened ?
* Linoi takes a seat on a rock *
* George sits beside her *
George : Ive been having the worst feeling lately, like something terrible is gonna happen
Linoi : It must just be the " tribute ceremony blues " I know how you feel buddy, this morning i nearly threw up 5 times
George : No, no, not nausea, just, i cant explain it, but it chills me to the bone
* The emergency cave lights came on *
Linoi : The ceremony is starting, lets go
* Linoi gets up, and runs off towards, the main mining tunnel *
* George followed *

The main mining tunnel, connects to the front entrance. Its a long tunnel, and at the end of it, it splits into several sections, where miners are distributed evenly, as assigned a " wing " Sometimes wings, may have no minerals, or crystals at all, and sometimes they collapse. So the wing you get, is kind of like " the luck of the draw " just like the tribute ceremony. The main tunnel is also where all the tribute ceremonies are held, and any other announcements as well. George and Linoi arrived, just in time.

Dan : Gather around everyone, the tribute ceremony is starting
* George and Linoi squeeze into the crowd *
Dan : Before you, there are over 1,000 stones, inside 2 of these stones are 2 rubies. One by one, you will all come up, grab a pickaxe, and smash a rock. If yours has a ruby in it, you are a tribute. I will call names, as i pull them, from this ballot box
* Dan begins to pulls names *
* People go up, and smash rocks, but no one has gotten a ruby yet *
Dan : Linoi Hutch
* Linoi goes up, and smashes a rock *
* A shiny red ruby comes out *
Dan : Linoi, you are our female tribute
* Linoi takes a seat *
* Dan continúes to call names *
* Linoi keeps her eyes, locked on George *
Dan : George Matthews
* George goes up, and smashes a rock *
* A ruby comes out *
* Linoi gasps *
Dan : George, you are our male tribute
* George takes a seat *
Dan : Here you have it everyone, our tributes
* Dan picks up the rubies *
* Dan gives 1 ruby to George *
* And the other to Linoi *
Dan : Here… its the least i could give you
* Linoi smiles *
Linoi : Thank you
* She reaches in her pocket, and pulls out some string *
* Linoi makes the ruby, into a necklace, and wears it with pride *
* George slips his in his pocket *

The walls start to rumble, by the force of the helicopter outside. George, Linoi and Dan go outside. When they get in the helicopter, they wave good-bye to all the miners, as they leave district 12, and the last stage of the recruitment. Now the hunger games await our contestants.
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