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I love all my friends

7thDec 18, 2013 by BlueLagoon506
Now that I am home I can address some stuff! I am glad my friends defended me in the pollbox today so i would just like to say thank you to them


I would also like to thank Lemjam6 cause i know if he could have commented he would have lol but I am a big girl. I can defend myself. I am NOT a victim. If Sandy wants to spend his day spamming me out to feel better about himself so be it. I hope my eviction gives him the satisfaction that he is seeking and maybe this will even us out so he doesn't have all this hatred built up inside for an online game.

I have apologised time and time again to him cause i know i was in the wrong but there is nothing I can do or say to change his mind so I will just sit here and wait to be evicted now! Thanks for all the PMs i got throughout the day. I really appreciated them all. Sorry it took me so long to reply but I was getting a manicure and pedicure LOL

PS Thanks Mintcokeify and ToughNubbs for the pics


pillbox lollll
Sent by dmann,Dec 18, 2013
I love you < 333
Sent by turney1805,Dec 18, 2013
:* ily
Sent by Lemjam6,Dec 18, 2013
ily vishy < 3
Sent by Phenomanimal,Dec 18, 2013
Sent by brandonpinzu,Dec 18, 2013
Sent by sjsoccer88,Dec 18, 2013
Yw :)
Sent by ToughNubbs,Dec 18, 2013
im sooo shocked you didnt stay :O
Sent by MontyBurns,Dec 19, 2013
I was getting a manicure and pedicure

Sent by Anas,Dec 19, 2013

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