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Blog Expired

Jul 18, 2013 by BlueLagoon506
So I am just gonna do the rest of my opinions here since i hate when ppl dont finish their PYN blogs. Oh btw dont post your name on this blog cause i wont be updating this blogs with any new names. **stares at lemonface **

Sweetheart95 - Michael I enjoy talking to you. You always seem to make me smile. We dont talk as often as we use to and i always try to message u every now and again just to keep in touch but then but then we lose touch again. We need to change that. You should try messaging me first sometimes :P

Maggie - Arsen I have known you forever and I treasure our friendship and I miss you. You are never on skype so we dont get to chat often but sometimes u send me these random tengaged mails that say u love me and so on and i miss that. You need to log on skype more often buddy

owee13 - Hi we arent really friends but u are T popular so how can i not know u and not give u an opinion that is more than 2 sentences long lol. Anyways u seem nice and i would love to get to know u a bit better if ya want so anytime u wanna send me a mail i would love to hear from ya

Insanity - Hey bff... we havent gone on calls forever cause i've been busy and you havent been around when i am on. I PMed u yesterday while i was bored at work and u told me i should get back to work. I am sooo glad u are always looking out for me (dull) Anyways we should deffinitely talk more so dont be a stranger < 3

je7467 - We were friends once and then we had a falling out and didnt talk for a while but then we recently started talking again and you are great to talk to. I enjoy it. You are sooo funny.

TylerK - Tyler we use to be really close and i still consider u a good friend but we dont talk nearly as much as we use to. This is partly my fault but you dont message me either so umm let's change that :)

Iqura - You promised to teach me some hindi and u tried but i sucked at it. Is that why u dont send me messages in Hindi anymore lol. I am glad u randomly messaged me and started to talk to me cause i enjoy our convos

RobinHood99 - You have the worst timing EVER. Everytime u call me i am getting ready to leave lol but u are a nice kid and i feel horrible for always having to cut our convos short.

Tommeh208 and malachite05 - Idk you guys so i put u guys together. Hope ya dont mind. Anyways as i have been saying to ppl who posted on my blog that i havent spoken to I cant give an opinion without knowing u first so if u wanna get a better opinion in my next PYN blog (i do it every 6 months or so) ya better start messaging me :P

MTMan - We played a fast stars game once and we didnt really work together till like the end when jon got out and told me to work with u. Idk if u even remember that game or if i am even thinking about the corrrect person. I hope i am cause it would be embarrassing if i was wrong LOL. Anyways we use to talk a bit after that and then we stopped idk why but if u ever feel the need to rekindle our friendship u know where i am!

finklestein123 - Oh Chris... I love u. You are soooo nice and fun to talk to but u are always on invisible on skype and i dont message ppl that appear offline so can u please start appearing online so we can talk more :P

lemonface - Oh well ya posted your name on my other blog so hopefully ya wont mistake this blog for a PYN lol. Anyways you are funny and nice and i love being on calls with u. You dont hold stuff in. If ya wanna say something u say it and i admire u for that

jason_2_12 - Jason we use to talk a bit looong ago but now not so much. I really wish we would start talking again cause idk why we stopped.

Istvan - Steevy you were someone i would talk to everyday and go on calls and have video chats with and then u left skype or barely get on anymore and i dont ever get a chance to chat with u again. I love u soooo much and i love our calls and i miss you and wish you would log on skype more and message me :S

sprtsgy1989 - We only played that i rookies together a long time ago. It was the old rookies but we became friends and formed an alliance and trusted each other which was good. A few weeks ago we ended up in a scoderk game and started to talk a bit after that but we stopped again. We should definitely chat some more cause i like u

Olympia - you randomly messaged me when i commented on your best stars win blog (which u havent completed yet btw) which was nice of u. We chat a bit and u seem nice and your blogs are hilarious. All 1 million but please just finish the stars one. I aint getting any younger ya know ;)

survivor23 - hi idk you and i dont like having opinions of ppl idk so if u want a better opinion on my next pyn blog ya better change that :P

Ridster - Hi riddy... we talk on and of but i do consider u a really close friend and i support u in every stars u join. You really need to win one of those soon. I believe in ya (h)

Volcomvans - Oh kevin what can i say about u lol. You get a lot of hate for no reason.I think the reason for this is that u make your feelings known. You stick up for your friends at all cost and doesnt back down which is a really good quality sometimes but then again sometimes ya just need to zip it LOL. We've had our ups and downs but i will always consider u a very close friend of mine and i hope that never changes.

2cool4school - 2cool we have been friends for a long long time. We've had our ups and downs but we got through them. I miss talking to you on skype cause u are 1 of those ppl i can just chat with for hours and not be bored. We need to catch up soon so if u ever get on Skype please message me :)


At least make my text a long one! :P
Sent by Istvan,Jul 18, 2013
Sent by HeavyRain,Jul 18, 2013
i do remember bluelagoon506!! and i miss talking to you we definitely need to talk soon! :)
Sent by MTman,Jul 18, 2013
^^ ILY Vishaala.
Sent by Iqura,Jul 18, 2013
Aww ily, inbox me any time hunny < 3
Sent by jason_2_12,Jul 18, 2013
HeavyRain - Since i said this wasnt a PYN blog and u didnt listen to me u dont get put in the official blog but i will give u my opinion lol. Anyways jimmy u know i love u. I love being on calls with you. You are hilarious and always makes me laugh. U need to talk more on calls however cause it annoys me when u are on mute and only type in the chat cause then that means i have to read the chat and i never pay attention to chats when i am on a call (dull)
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Jul 18, 2013

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