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GL me in stars

2ndDec 18, 2013 by BlueLagoon506
imageSo I know i suck at writing blogs which is why i have a little over 100 in the 3 years I have been here lol but I'll try my best.

Coming into the game i was put in a majority chat without Lemjam6 I knew then I would have to vote with minority day 1. I have never been in that position before but i went with it cause there was no way I would nom Jake or even be the reason he would be out early. I mean it failed cause he obviously got 13th but I would have rather tried than do nothing

Jouix and Tabatha got nonmed which were 2 ppl from the majority chat the next morning and because i confessed to it I was public enemy 1 and everyone wanted me up. I mean I love stars when i am targeted every single day so I went with it. I got my day 2 nommes through and everything was great until day 3 came along and there was a split. That is when i knew i was in trouble. Day 4 was basically the same where there was a split and my closest ally was taken away

I knew then I had to do that and fight back. I got through my next 2 sets of nommes on day 5 and 6 and that is when I think ppl realised what i am capable of. I won't just sit back and take defeat in stars. I am a fighter and if I am given the chance I WILL be able to to change the game around

THanks to anyone who saves me and I JustWannaSay please ignore the spam and vote based on who you think can make a change in the game. GL Ben and Merry Christmas y'all ;)


+14 :))
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< 3333
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vishvish =(
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Gl :)
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Good luck!
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You are not a fucking victim shut the fuck up you country singer
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Haw haw you got evicted
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