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3rdMar 15, 2015 by BlueLagoon506
and i will give u my opinion of you! Everyone seems to be doing 1 of these so might as well join in the fun!

PS   I have had some alcohol to drink today so if i am rambling and not making any sense u know why now

#Violation - Jason I do consider u a friend and I do save u in stars a lot unless u are against a very good friend. We don't talk nearly as much as we used to talk but i am always open to change that cause i love chatting on Skype and i will NEVER ignore ppl when they message me@

#Bamold1999 - Hi Tyler I always try to message u on Skype to chat and keep up with u but u ignore me like 75 % of the time :S I like you but I am guessing u hate me now :( J/k i know u don't hate me but u don't message ppl on Skype (dull) That's boring though! U need to change that and SOON. Love ya too btw LOL

#Survivor8 - Will do!

#sjsoccer88 - I am guessing no means u don't need my honest opinion of u? Your wish is my command!

#XxLoveWakizaxX - Hi Idk you but you were in a survivor that my bff was in recently and i was following the game and u didn't try to suicide to take him out so u are good in my books LOL

#TylerK - Hey Tyler! We use to be really close at 1 time when u would go on the calls with Johnny and then. Then u disappeared or I disappeared I really don't know which 1 of us did but u know I love u and will always be there for u if u ever need anything. Feel free to message me whenever and give me an update on your life cause i honestly don't even know what u have been up to lately!

#semajdude - Jame what can i say about u? I love u. You are hilarious and obsessed with bingo which makes you even funnier LOL. I joined your charity game which says a lot about where i rank u in terms of tengaged since the only charities I have ever joined were Aquamarine Sjsoccer88  Lemjam6 so u should feel special cause u really are :)

#cfff - more like bfff! Best Friend Forever and Forever! See what I did there? Bribri you and i have gotten a lot closer lately although I love talking to you although whenever we are on calls I can never understand what u are saying and I make u talk slower LOL. You r a really good sport about it though.

#TheJoe - I don't really know u to give an opinion but I see u around from time to time and still don't really have a solid opinion to give to u! Sorry LOL

#groot - OMG u know I love u! Idk if ppl know who u are but we have been friends for a while now and we don't really talk much anymore but we have had a lot of fun times and games together back in the day! would say more but idk if i am allowed to LOL

#saraj10 - All i know about u is I get added to random calls with u and meduncan so I am assuming u guys are bffs or something? Just know I am judging u for being friends with a mean person! Jk u are good in my books lol

#SomebodyAwesome - Umm we are in a chat together i think. I don't think we have had any real convo so I can give u a real opinion but I do know that u are Somebody Awesome! See what I did there? I am so phunny!

#Lemjam6 - LOL idk where to ever start with you! We have had 1 heck of a friendship since we have known each other. We get into these huge arguments every once in a while and don't speak to each other for month and months. I don't hate you though and I hope u don't hate me but I'm not gonna lie u are a bit psycho and have anger issues but that's what makes u you. You are definitely 1 unique individual and I wouldn't change u in the slightest way cause u still make me laugh when we are friends and even when we aren't. You are someone I trust even if sometimes u can be a bit much to handle!

ElectricCheddar - Ummm I have never heard about u until u just posted your name lol. Your name is unique though and u are like black level so yay grats you!

brandonpinzu - Hi Bpinz We have been friends for a while. Then 1 day i evicted u in stars and u got 4th with 50.1 % oops my bad! Then u yelled at me! Fun times! We are better now though and we are friends! I love talking to u even though u aren't around much I try to send u a message every once in a while to catch up with you life. Don't work too hard and take a break every once in a while to enjoy life and tengaged!

DaniD - Idk you! Sorry! I see your vlogs every once in a while and they are funny! Atlas I hope that is you cause if it isn't then this opinion was for the wrong person haha!

Orlando652 - OMG u are such a sweetheart Orlando. I loved being bffs with jake when he was your bff cause us 3 would go on calls and I loved that! I missed those days tbh. We should definitely talk more. GL in stars! I voted for you to win!

JasonXtreme - Hi Jason! Idk you but hey if u want a better opinion in my next blog then send me a message in my inbox and change things :P

Mikey04wp - Michael you my friend is another 1 of my Bffs. We talk often enough but just not these days cause we are never on at the same time lol. I love going on calls with you although u don't go on anymore! You hate me don't u? I remember when we first met in that stars. It was like we were bffs from the moment we went on call for the first time! Then I nomad you which i hated cause I liked u and then u started to hate me but then after that stars we started talking and became the bffs we are today and I am so very glad :)

faygo - Gregory! we use to be really good friends and then some how we stopped and  I don't really know why. You can be funny at times and annoying the rest LOL. I mean my ex-bff once said everyone is a little annoying so there ya have it. Idk what else to say

Maxi1234 - Well I know your numbers! Who needs orlando now? Anyways we have spoken a couple of times i think and i really enjoyed those chats. Idk why we stopped cause as I recall u were a chatter just like me! Message me whenever. You know where i am!

Marwane - Idk u! Sorry but with ppl idk or haven't really chatted with it's hard to give an opinion :(

Flirt - Same as above!

Imthtawesom - Tbh you aint that awesome cause I am! Jk I like u isiah (i hope i spelt your name correctly) We haven't really been friends but i mean who doesn't know u on engaged! you are always out and about on tengaged. I always read your blogs and so on and they are usually funny so yay u!

sallyyisfabulous - First off Sally is spelt with 1 y! Idk u though so i can't really give an opinion! Sorry :(

Kiffany - IDK you so can't give an opinion!

Mikey_Elite - So Michael we have only met yesterday and quickly becoming bffs! I like u! You talk a lot like me cause usually with me I am the 1 sending a million messages to ppl and they usually reply with 1 or 2 words but with u I send an essay and get an essay in return! I like that! Keep it up and we will be the next dynamic duo to hit tengaged!

CutieAmy - Allie we hit it off from the very first call we were in. Idk if it was cause we were not american that we stuck together or what it was exactly but u PMed me and we started talking. We don't talk too often but every once in a while u send me a PM that makes me laugh cause it's always calling me a word i don't say LOL.... I love you always and hope u never change!

danielleloves2000 - IDK u! can't give an opinion!

wumblebee - hi we use to talk but we don't any more! I still consider u my friend though! I hope u feel the same and anytime u wanna talk u can always message me cause I'll be here!

realityfreek - Hey Tyler you know I adore you! Idk why i even need to tell u that again. I think i am the reason u are on tengaged if i am not mistaken so u owe me big! we should talk more! I miss our calls together

Halloween - Ppl say u are psycho but tbh I don't see it! I love u! I think you are funny and i enjoy being on calls with you! Sucks we haven't been on call in forever but yeah stuff happens but u are always free to message me! You should know my Skype lol

_Aria - Umm we haven't really been in the same friends cycle ever but recently u told me i was your first friend on your other account or something like that? Idk lol. I do love you though and I do support u in shops! Thanks for posting for me before christmas! Much appreciated < 3


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