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PYN cause I'm bored

9thJul 16, 2013 by BlueLagoon506
I'll give you my honest opinion cause i havent done one of this in a while. oh and while you are waiting for me to update this please fill your time by plussing these designs

@Idgaf - Idk a Larry sorry :( J/k I guess i will still give u my opinion of u cause if i dont you'll prob bully me cause that's what u do. You always bully me even though we are bffs. Anyways idk how we became bffs so quickly but u are one of those ppl i can just talk to about anything and go on and on about nothing lol. We have soooo many arguments but in the end u still come running back for more ;) I just cant get rid of you! JK I never want to get rid of u so u better never go anywhere < 3

@dmann - Where did u go? We use to be really close and talk all the time but then i went on vacation and we barely chat with each other anymore. I would like that to change though so u better message me now that i gave u a really nice opinion :P

@TheThomas - Well idk u but i do know i love meeting new ppl so if u want me to give u a better opinion in my next blog u know what u have to do. Btw I once refused to go on a business trip with my sis to Hawaii cause i hate the beach even though i live in the caribbean. U r from Hawaii right?

@Faygo - Posting a blog does not give you the right to spam me Greg especially since u removed me from Skype. Can u spell R U D E? Anyways we use to be close but not so much anymore. I do miss our chats sometimes though so if u ever feel the need to re-add me u can :P

@Orlando652 - I met you when u started to date @Lemjam6 Jk u guys aint dating cause he's straight and u have a bf. I know! I hear i am on your top skype contacts and we barely even speak so gooooo me and I love being on calls with y'all it's so fun even though u never speak but it's ok jake tells me you are afraid of girls but i still love ya :)

@TeganH - Hi right back at ya. I am sorry but i havent had a convo with you to give my full opinion but u do seem friendly cause what better way to start up a convo. I always start with hi too unless you are my bff and then i will say something like hi bff (rofl)

@JetsRock12 - OMG hiiiii I miss you. You need to message me more cause like we havent spoken in ages but u know if u ever need to talk i will always be here to listen :P

@unkown - did u misspell you name? If so I will just call u unknown and well if you choose to remain unknown to me it will make me very sad so message me maybe and make yourself known? How did i do with my random opinion?

@Survivor8 - just to be rude to u like u are always rude to me I should just completely skip your name but since i'm a nice person I wont do that! Idk when we met or how we even started to talk but lately we've been chatting every day and all my convos with you always make me smile. I mean I am always smiling anyways so maybe it isnt you. It's just me. J/k ILY bff even though you called me some mean names tonight and now i will prob cry myself to sleep. Hope you are happy now!

@MintCokeify - Hi Ashleigh long time no chat. I remembered when we were in that coloring club together where we would gather everyday to avoid the drama. You know what i'm talking about girl ;) Anyways u are fun and i love talking to you. How's Newstralia going anyways? That is where u are from right? LOL

@Lachie227 - OMG we only played that 1 skype game where i nommed u when i was hoh but then u saved me when i was nommed next. To me you will always be my hero LOL. Plus i always loved Australia so anyone who lives there cant be all that bad :P

@chelss - Hey there chelss! We have the same friends yet we dont talk all that much. I do however love chatting with ya when u get added to calls i am in like the 1 with steve last week. We had a good time with that guessing game even though u got wrong hint...right? LOL

@KingB24 - Chase Idk where to start. I do consider us friends but we have periods where we chat everyday and then we go weeks even months without chatting but when we do chat we can chat without any awkwardness between us. That's what i like about you. Anyways message me more if ya want. I love talking to u.

@Lemjam6 - Jacob you know how i feel about u i hope. You are like the sweetest kid ever and i enjoy talking to you even though i use to yell at u all the time for messaging me on my phone skype but i think you've learnt your lesson now and dont message me unless i message u first LOL. You have always been there for me and i hope u know if u ever need me i'll always be there for you < 3

@Bengalboy - Dru we dont talk often but when we do it's hilarious and the conversation flows. I love your blogs and you are one of the funnies ppl on tengaged i think.

@realityfreek - Tyler i was the one who introduced u to tengaged and then u ditch me after u become popular and made all these friends . Jk i love you and your random calls whenever u are bored. You can always message me whenever and i will always make time for you unless I'm busy with my other friends. J/k i will never ditch u and we will be friends forever i hope

@Aquamarine - Wait r u calling me fake? I hope u know u are in stars so dont make me evict u buddy! J/k i will never evict you except over a select few and u will prob never join stars with them or get nommed with them so it's all good (rofl) Anyways Johnny I know you have this mean person reputation to keep up so I wont be singing your praises a whole lot but I think u deserve it tbh. You are honestly one of those ppl who i know i can come to for anything and u will always be there for me just like i will always be there for you. For those of you who are reading this SUPPORT @Aquamarine in STARS! You are doing great!

@Mikey04wp - I dont feel like telling ya so sorry :S Jk Mikey we met in that disaster of a stars but i won and then we became really good friends so it all worked out in the end i think :P Anyways Michael we use to talk all the time when i would force u to go on calls with me but now u dont talk as much and i miiss that. I hope if  i do come to NY u can make it down so we will get to meet and go drinking :P

@Steel - Idk you that much but if u are anything like the Man of Steel I think i would like you. After all he is the best superhero in my opinion.

@Charming2010 - Listen up loser! I am only gonna say this once! You have been my bff for over 3 years now and idk what i would ever do if we werent anymore. You dont come on a lot cause of school and what not but i know if i ever needed u i can always depend on you no matter what. We have been through soooooo much together and i wouldnt trade our friendship for anything. I can go on for ages cause unlike u i can express my feelings LOL but i wont cause i know that u know what i wanna say and i know u dont read stuff if it's more than 2 sentences cause we are bffs and i know things about u too ;)

@sjsoccer88 - Steve I am so glad we became bffs. We literally fight about EVERYTHING but we dont take anything personally and that's why i treasure our friendship. I love disagreeing with u so we can fight though. You are one of the nicest ppl i know. I know i can tell u anything even though u dont listen to 75 % of the things i say but hey not everyone can be perfect and i accept u with all your faults. Jk there are no words to express how much i treasure u as a friend and even though we make fun of each other daily i hope you know that. I could not have asked for a better friend than you and i really dont wanna continue cause i can literally go on forever. 

@tharealmike - Oh god we havent spoken in ages and I am glad u are the real mike and not a fake like some ppl such as @Mikey04wp , Survivor8 , MikeRORO and even sweetheart95 ! I kid i kid LOL. Idk if any of you would get my joke though. Anyways mike u are a sweetheart Not to be confused with sweetheart95. I love our convos and when u randomly snapchat me even though i never snapchat u back lol. You can be a bit naive at times but it what makes u you and you shouldnt change for anyone.

@aimers and @horrorite - Idk you guys so i am gonna put u 2 together since it's really difficult for me to give an opinion of ppl who i havent had a convo with.

@Vinaxu - We use to be really close when @Aquamarine has his little crush on you j/k i hope he doesnt see this cause imma miss me if he does haha. Anyways we need to catch up one of these days but i have been busy lately and lost touch with most ppl so yeah dont be a stranger

@xCountryBoyx - Hmmm again it is difficult to give an opinion about someone i havent had a convo with but i do know i love cowboy hats and your accent so i guess that means i like you :P

@Typhiosion37 and @Mp231 -Idk you guys so i am gonna put u 2 together since it's really difficult for me to give an opinion of ppl who i havent had a convo with.

@Kentuckyy - Zack we use to be really close and then ppl would tell me that you hate me and after that i stopped talking to you cause i didnt want to be a bother to someone that hated me. Anyways i miss our friendship and if u ever want to tell me why u hate me and work things out I am all for it cause i am a firm believer in not holding grudges and working towards a solution so I'll be waiting for your message and if you dont want to message me just know i still love you and it's ok < 3

@Tonym10101 - We use to be close and then we just stopped talking but i was added into a call u were in a few days ago and it just reminded me how much i missed ya. We need to catch up sometime

@jhelsdon2478 - Hey jason we talk on and off and i really do enjoy our chats. Idk why u think u are hated but it's tengaged and everyone gets a little hate so dont let it get to u too much. Keep your chin up high and work that stars! I know u are more than capable of doing it. Good Luck!

@DanielKennedy111 - Another person i use to talk to a bit but lost touch with. I really like u and the convos we had were really nice but i think it was when u were in some drama and i just wanted u to know that u should not listen to what others say about you. Anyways if u ever need to talk to me again u know where i'll be :P


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