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  21. Happy Birthday Jake!
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  24. A RANT... Kinda?
  25. OMG
  26. if anyone would like to help me gift and is on my..
  27. Omg I'm trending!
  28. Hi Larry
  29. what does this even mean?
  30. I saw that blog
  31. **cries**
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  36. here i am!
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  39. Awww aint he sweet (blush)
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Jake is my bff! Sep 5, 2018
lemjam6 > sjsoccer88
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Who wants a belle design Dec 7, 2017
Got to support my bff's shop
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I have a bit of T$ Nov 30, 2017
And I'm willing to gift people from my bffs shop so post what you'd like if you know who i am talking about :)
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Who wants to be bffs? Oct 12, 2017
Not you brandonpinzu
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Hey Everyone Jul 21, 2017
It's been awhile. I hope yall are doing well. My life has been busy the past year but I'll give a quick update in case anyone cares.

I finished my 1 & 1/2 year internship/job that alternated between college semesters last summer and now I am finishing up the end of my technically 4th year of school this summer with a Mechanical Engineering degree at the beginning of August. The fall and spring semesters had fairly difficult course loads so I put myself at a distance from the website, skype, etc. to focus on getting through those few tough classes. As for this summer, I have a relatively light load and have a lot of free time so I figured why not.

I recently came back on skype a few weeks ago and decided since Big Brother would be starting up soon, I might as well get on before it began.

I have heard about a few of the updates about the website. I am very interested in joining another survivor and seeing if I can go on another 99 merge streak run, even though I would probably settle for 10 considering the swapping. So hit me up if you are interested in joining one.

Anyways, glad to be back and hope to catch up with a bunch of people.

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I'm alive Jul 11, 2015
imagetengaged meetup #1 down! Too lazy to tag anyone so if anyone cares to help me out please feel free lol
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