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PYN Updates!

Mar 16, 2015 by BlueLagoon506
Since my old blog expired I wont be updating there. I will be posting my opinion in my new blog and to save time I am just gonna skip over ppl idk

temponeptune - Hi Bryce. I think we became bffs from the first day we met on a random call with IDK who but u are pretty nice and funny. Since i left that group of friends u don't message me anymore though. We should change that!

Volcomvans - Hey Kev. Don't call me a meanie! We met in a stars forever ago and since then we have been pretty close. I love u and your alcoholic ways. Loved u getting drunk on cam with me once and I love our calls and I even love when u yell at me for random reasons. You should stop raving so much and go on calls with me more :)

turney1805 - OK u are annoying and takes 2 days to reply to my messages but u are literally the nicest person on tengaged and i am proud to call u my bff! I am glad whenever i need u u are always there for me and we can go on calls just so i can ramble and vent or just me quiet and not really say anything which is usually never the case with me :P

MikeRORO - Hey NoNo You're ok i guess :S j/k LOL I know i keep saying i love ppl but u are literally so nice and even though we don't talk that often I know u are my friend and when we do talk it's like we just pick up from where we left off which is kinda nice and refreshing!

RobertGuajardo - Hi Rob. You are hilarious but sometimes u talk stuff to heart. It's not a bad trait to have but sometimes when ppl kid I can see where a lot of your misunderstanding with some friends come in. I love u though and wish we can talk more but I literally don't talk to many ppl on here again. You'll always be a friend of mine though!

sprtsgy1989 - Hi Sean! I don't know if u know this but your username is missing some vowels lol. You are so random and every so often i get a message from u or a mail with some pretty scary pics that u think is adorable. You're strange but that's what makes u unique. We don't talk much or often but we were in a rookies together once and we were loyal to each other and from then on I would say friends? I hope u feel the same way

Stunzer - Justin!!! Idk what to say about u! I like u! We use to be friends and then u had a fight with jake and i told u that it doesn't affect us cause I make up my own mind on ppl and then u remove me on Skype for a random reason Idk but I hope u don't hate me cause I like you!

Insanity - Steven my bff! I don't know how or when we became bffs but i am assuming it had something to do with your name? Idk i can't see someone with the name Steven and not be their bff so grats u! Honestly though I am glad i gave u the chance to be a bff cause I love chatting with you and going on calls with you even though u still can't pronounce my name LOL... I love you bff!

pens87 - Hi I think I gifted u your first gift from my shop and then after that we started to chat a bit. We haven't spoken in forever though but i like you and still consider you my friend even though we don't chat much. You need to change that btw!

RomanceNRainbows - Ok Aj I know who u are! I have been on calls with u when u join came silly. I love u but u have a bit of a temper and when things don't go your way in games u unleash it on the ppl around. I love going on calls with u and having u yell at me for no reason at all cept for the fact that i am a woman and u hate them? LOL

Kentuckyy - Zack I honestly don't have a problem with u but u hate me for some reason and I can't do anything about that. You said i said mean things about u which i honestly don't recall but i heard that u said some mean things about me too so it could just the same ppl telling both of us that. Idk I honestly don't and I tried to apologise to you for it although i can't recall to make the first move in trying to mend what i would consider a really good friendship but u are dead set on hating me LOL. I always enjoyed being on calls with you cause u are hilarious.

Jermin119 - Hi Jermin we were never really friends but u were friends with kingmaec and jake and then karim. I was added to calls with u from time to time and u seemed nice.

Zeptis - Hi Jeff! Idk what u want me to say LOL... We talk on calls quite a bit but never had that 1 on 1 friendship. I do consider u a friend though and I think u are hilarious but a bit too sensitive since u leave the cove atleast once a week!

panda13 - Max I know we are friends but the kind that don't talk to each other. The kinda that if u get added to a call which is very very rear I would have a chat with. The kind where i save in stars when they are nommed! Just not the kind that talk every day LOL... If u wanna change that u have me on Skype. I just checked LOL

coreyants - Corey most if not ALL my friends hate u and most of tengaged if I am not mistaken LOL but to me u will always be this sweet hilarious guy who random calls me to talk about Australian lifestyle. I am glad I am not a person who judges someone by what others think cause then I wouldn't have met you. I consider us really good friends although u have yet to give me a shout out in any of your v-logs LOL

acyuta _ Hi so I know u are indian cause u are in the chatterbox Skype chat and I know we message each other from time to time. You seem nice and i like chatting with ya!

Thumper91 - hi Lauren! We don't really talk. We use to when i was in cya and u we would be on calls but since i left we don't. You really are as nice as everyone says :P

Quackerz - Umm we were friends and then u betrayed me in stars and I don't mind my friends doing that but i do mind them lying about nomming me and me finding out from others. Most of my friends who i have atm  has nommed me in stars but they were all upfront about it. Everyone knows i don't care about that LOL. I don't hate u but the respect i once had for u is gone. I am over that stars though since it was forever ago haha

yts1 - Ok you are annoying but someone i would consider my friend! I know no matter what u will always be there for me and willing to fight for me no matter what. I know u have fights with most everyone on tengaged but i am glad we have never had any cause idk what i would do without u as a friend. There are no words to express how thankful I am to you which is why I am gonna send u to switzerland 1 day.

finklestein123 - Chris well we haven't spoken in forever but from time to time u send me a message which I love cause i love chatting with ya and I love following u in stars cause u have grown as a player ;)

hwest14 - We agreed to be bffs and then u added me to a call and then nothing! it's like u disappeared on me and idk what i did for us to not be bffs anymore :( I love you and your accent so anytime u have another call u can add me and we can continue being BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!

Survivor8 - Michael I skipped u on the first blog cause I wanted to keep u in suspense! You are 1 of my favourite ppl on tengaged cause we fight constantly and I love that. I know u like me even though neither of us have EVER said a nice word to each other which makes our friendship unique and 1 i will always treasure. I love sending u hi bff messages on tengaged when u aren't on Skype and i love getting my friends to do it for me as well. You are adorable! Keep being you always and I hope our friendship stays as it is ALWAYS!

sjsoccer88 - You know what they say? Always save the best for last and that is what I did! Idk where to start but i will. We have been friends for a while now. I think it was a stars where Andrew was in and i randomly messaged u cause u seems like someone i would have loved being friends with and boy was i right which doesn't surprise me 1 bit cause I am never wrong tbh. There are no words to describe our friendship. You  have always been there for me when i need to vent and I know I can tell u anything. I know i have trust issues and sometimes remove my messages to you but that doesn't mean I don't trust u. I do! 100 % no questions! I look forward to chatting with u when i am on Skype cause u always make me laugh. I love to annoy u sometimes though which I know i shouldn't but u remind me of a friend IRL and whenever he gets angry his ears gets red! That's what i imagine happens to you when we fight or I annoy you. I can go on and on but I don't want this to get too long. Just wanted you to know i am glad to have an online friend like you!


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yoshicoolman this isn't a PYN lol

just updating my last PYN since i was at work all day and it expired but I'm not taking anymore names! sorry :( and sjsoccer88 don't worry my opinion of u will be coming and it will be long and u might need a few days to get over it but that's ok u will be on spring break anyways LOL
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Mar 16, 2015
Bluelagoon506 I don't leave the cove, wtf Vish. THink a lil
Sent by Zeptis,Mar 16, 2015
Bluelagoon506 I was cleaning out my friends list, i had too many contacts.. sorry =(
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I hate you
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