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  1. I ain't doing tg collage for sure
  2. I just gave the worst feedback
  3. Name an actor
  4. How often do you wash your hair?
  5. Oh wow
  6. Can somebody tell me
  7. I've never in my life
  8. I don't get people
  9. What do I Netflix
  10. All those people on twitter be like
  11. I fully support the fact
  12. Alone is Halsey's next single
  13. Go and watch Annihilation
  14. Group presentation today
  15. Morning
  16. I have no life for the next few weeks
  17. Whenever Calvin be like
  18. I'll do competing shop
  19. Morning :)
  20. Which thing is the most important to you
  21. Do you think it's easier to be
  22. I could never fall in love
  23. Do trolls still think
  24. Cheat Codes are sooo underrated
  25. Is 18% similarity a lot?
  26. I'm literally sooo tired
  27. What happened
  28. I'm getting a haircut today
  29. Did anyone here write dissertation?
  30. The real worst type of snapchaters
  31. Do you ever browse Netflix
  32. Good Morning 馃槝
  33. Y'alll dumb af
  34. last categories predictions
  36. Pyn and I'll tell you
  37. We can't be friends
  38. My picks vs. what I think will win
  39. Timothee Chalamet is so overrated
  40. Best Picture?

Pyn for my favorite memory of you

5thJan 1, 2018 by Arris
from 2017 let's conclude it

Darbe - It was when you messeged me in the middle of night to watch with you some random music countdown (gay af) on a British Channel, I think it was Channel4?
Jenzie - It was when you first got added to Midnight Crew chat, that was when we met and I thought you were funny.
gabrieltrezza - When you randomly started complimenting me in frooks, adding on snap right after and we clicked cuz you are so adorable and funny !
Lifeiscool - Don't have any sorry. Don't know you.
Roshy - A lot to choose from, but probably when you randonmly messeged me on Skype for the first time out of nowhere, and then it became frequent we actually started talk. I thought you were hilarious btw.
Forest_Knight - Probably when you spilled a major tea on certain tengaged user lmaoo man that was sick !!
CalebDaBoss - Don't have anything sorry :(
Littlebrother123 - Probably when I made a blog from one of my 'for every 50 points' series aka the people I hated, and then you messeged me that we literally hate the same people and stuff, which led to future fun conversations.
JasonXtreme - Hard one because you were so inact in 2017 and we barely talked ]= but my favorite moment was one of those moments when you randomly came on Skype and we talked like old good times, even if we don't talk as much as we used to, the convos are always banter.
skyler1822 - aaw welcome back first of all < 3 my favorite moment of you in 2017 was when we were briefly pming about life, studies etc (it could've been 2016 tho :/ you were gone for so long).
thumper91 - Lots to chose from (thanks for making my 2017 better <3) but I think it's going to be the time when we both got sooooo wasted together. It was truly epic and hilarious. When is the next time? ;)
DJ2722 - Hmm the time when I was advising you not to be stupid and not to send nudes to certain user. Could've been 2016?
YoundAndReckless - Our recent blog convrsations. I didn't know you before, but you seem cool and chill, so I hope it's only the beginning of our epic friendship [=
melindaMrskk - When we were in Stars together, and you were one of the most genuie people in the cast.
m7md26 - A lot of weird conversation to choose from, but definitely one of those random convos we have on Skype. Your sense of humour is underrated.
YasGaga - We played that Nick's skype game, which was a flop btw but I found you totally hilarious.
iYBF - When you started messaging me on snap, and we started to talk ever since. You're honestly hilarious, and also seriouss when you need to be. One of our recent convos is also one of my faves.
Foxtrot - Probably when you sent me one of your random af snaps, maybe with that fat bear you slept with?
BengalBoy - Hard to choose specifc convo, but basically every single one we had in Millz chat is my favorite memory of you cyz you are just too hilarious. Or one of your top blogs joke.
JustMe - Probably our interactions on blog pages. You are so funny, and foxy ;)
Oliviaxoxo - Seeing you vlogging. I've seen you before on snap ofc, but it was like first time in motion and stuff. Nice to see a face to somebody you know for so long, even if we don't talk as much anymore.


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me even tho don't know you
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Inb4, none
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LMAO read my PYN blog this is too funny
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We literally have a streak on Snapchat, I鈥檓 AJ Fucked ur Dad (:
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skip them do me
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lol in motion! aww thats cute tho :) x
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Sure :D
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Sure :)
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