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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


9thMar 4, 2013 by 1Swampy8
for my opinion of you :)

aksp53 - I'm pretty sure we've talked before, but I don't know you personally. Mail me if you wanna talk! :)

Chemicalali - We were literally the most dysfunctional Stars alliance ever to exist, yet I guess that's what brought us close in the game. You're a great ally, and I would love the opportunity to play with you again :)

DanielKennedy111 - I think the only game we've played together is THG, and you were smart to arrow Alexa. Although your plan kinda screwed me over for a little while, it was pretty strategic and I give you and Jgoodies credit for trying :) Thanks for the sign too!

Finklestein123 - You are a disgusting person that needs to leave Tengaged, but I love you c: You have helped me a lot with pretty much everything in existence, but we don't even talk that much! Hunger Games is our forte? :)

Lamia - I see you around a lot, however I don't think we've talked one-on-one. Thanks for commenting on my blog though ! (:

SexyBanana - You are such a great designer and friend! I loved talking to you when you were /very/ new to the site, and I wish we would talk more!

DaBOMB - As with Lamia, I see you around, and I recognize your name in conversation, but I don't think we've talked much (correct me if I'm wrong).

Ryguy - Hi fellow Stars victim =[ You were fun to talk to when we were actually on the same side, and I was really sad when you were evicted :( You are another person that I would like to play Stars with again !

chrisw756 - Umm honestly your name doesn't ring a bell for me :x Hi though!! :) Ty for commenting

VoLcOmVaNs - Well we were pretty good friends because of Survivor, but then we lost touch. I guess THG really didn't help rebuild our friendship, and I'm pretty sure you dislike me, but I'm not quite sure. I don't dislike you or anything just to clarify.

BengalBoy - When I first joined the site I used to look up to your for your top merges, and now I enjoy reading your blogs :) They bring good hilarity to boring days!

Tomhartnell - Wow! I've known you for a long time! I remember our Skype games and calls that we used to do :) I miss the old days on here! Mail me if you want to talk < 3 You're a good friend

Brandonpinzu - I don't remember how we met, but I like you overall as a person and friend. Toadstool's was fun while I was in it even though I didn't really do much except claim the #1 spot :P Sometimes I even changed my avi to try and somewhat match yours so we could be twins!!

TheSexiestDude990 - I'm sorry, but I don't really know you :( If you wanna chat, message me!

rhysarnie14 - I'm pretty sure we used to talk a long time ago, but I can't say the same about now. How've you been?

Johneh - I see you around a lot, and I'm pretty sure you spam me a lot too mister! That's okay though, I don't mind ^-^. Thanks for the comment(/plus?).

Skyforce25 - I don't know you =[ I wouldn't mind getting to know you though :) Hi!

Steel - I automatically like you because you're friends with Stick even though I don't know you. You are also another person that I see around a lot =]

Danny - Again, I see you a lot too, but we've never really spoken. I'm friends with a lot of your friends though!

Regularise - I don't know you either :c Message me if you wanna talk!

Bo_om - You're a really great friend who is always there for others who need you. I appreciate your poems and your friendship :) Thank you < 3 I still hate orange though!

Typhlosion37 - We have talked before, but I don't know you on a personal level. Thanks for commenting :)

Holllyy1230 - u r on the enemilest and wi r not frands lannyfort. rimembr tis momant becos i du not enjoiy talkeng tu u

Lucinda - Long time no talk! I mostly only see spam from you, and we haven't had a conversation in awhile. Maybe you should've been in the Hunger Games with Jenii, Malibu, and Goddx

xCelestex - You are one of the only Plastics that I have actually been complete friends with at one point, but we lost touch. I still like you, and it would be nice to talk to you again =]


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