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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Thanks so much for saving me everyone!

9thDec 20, 2012 by 1Swampy8
imageWell, I wasn't planning on making a blog, but after I saw Ryguy make a VLOG I decided that it would only be fair for me to do something!!
"Coming into the game" (cliche, I know), I figured I would do fairly decent, but immediately I was targetted by itznessa. Luckily, not many others wanted to go along with the plan, so I was saved. That was the only real time (other than the times that I have went up) that I was a counter for a long period of time. I worked my way to make it past 6 nomsets, but then I fell short when people got scared and decided to split votes between me and Nessa. Nessa, you were a great gameplayer, and I thought that being nommed against you would be my biggest challenge in this game. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Now I'm nommed against Ry, someone who is more popular than me (Sorry, I don't have any abs to show you! =[ I do have a bellybutton piercing though! :P). I'm not going to make a vlog of me dancing because I do not view that as a fair way to gain support--I believe that support should come from friends, fans, and people who respect the way one has played the game. Although Wumblebee, Quackerz, TheGoodMan, and TylerK are unnominated, they still refuse to nom each other. Sadly for them, they don't realize that even if three of them make it to the end, one of them will have to be cut short. Right now it is pretty obvious to the cast who that person is, but apparently they don't want to accept it and here Ryan and I are sitting on those nomination chairs xx. I will probably add more to this blog as time passes and I come up with more stuff, but I am still considering all options concerning what to put on here because I wouldn't want to hurt my game-- I would say I have played a pretty decent one at that. Good luck, Ryan!!


Sent by _JB_,Dec 20, 2012
saved u! gl!
Sent by _JB_,Dec 20, 2012
+12 gl
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Swamplles =]
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+14 gl :)
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+11 =]
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+5 gl :)
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omg the bunny
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