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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Mar 23, 2013 by 1Swampy8
for a short opinion =]
If idk you I will put a (*) instead of a message. That means mail me if you want to talk!

Dash - I've seen you around a lot, and I've commented on some of your blogs. We've never had an actual conversation though that was serious. Hi! =]

BengalBoy - You comment on a lot of my blogs, and I think you commented on my last PYN. :) I enjoy reading your blogs 

Splozojames50 - I only know you from RD because we played Roblox THG together and I think you killed me.....  but hi LOL

TotalDramaTyler - Ty for helping me with my charity unless you're the one negging me

Holllyy1230 - Complete bitch. Utter nuisance to the world and should be removed from society to be placed in quarantine. No I will not fix your opinion.

Nickp - *

Jallina15 - I miss you :( We used to talk all the time, and we had some pretty funny conversations. Mail me some time if you wanna talk again =]

Tyboy618 - You're cute and fun to talk to =] Thanks for making my life less boring < 3

Don_Draper - You are a great ally and friend, and you helped me out a lot in THG. I think we met through Inkread, so ty Laura < 3 Hope we can play again sometime

xRyn0618 - You are also really fun to talk to, and I like playing Balloono with you. :) I think we met through Daniella, and I like her too, so you guys are just a family of fun!!

BassAbsol - You're cool, but we don't talk much. Hi =]

Runaway / DanielKennedy111 - I'm combining you guys' opinions because they are essentially the same. I like both of you, and I met both of you through THG (with the exception of your sign, Daniel). You're both really nice and fun to talk to :) Don't change!

Chelss - *

Maxi1234 - Well you're kinda moody, but I still view you as a good friend. If you wouldn't freak out on me so much then maybe I would gift you!!!

BlueLagoon506 - You are one of the users that I used to view as a role model on this site :) I used to root for you in Stars, and I have always loved that hair that TheGreatXL made for you < 3

hMzz - We haven't talked much recently, but you are very nice and generous as a friend. Also you were in my blog Survivor that I never finished :P


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me xo
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hi hi
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thot we met in tha ba's huh
Sent by Runaway,Mar 23, 2013

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