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To buy or not to buy

Mar 11, 2015 by 1Swampy8
the faded blue eyes? :s


Sent by Padfoot,Mar 11, 2015
id say go for it
Sent by peterya,Mar 11, 2015
ElectraViv says yes
Sent by tofutime,Mar 11, 2015
they would fab on you plus you get a free gift as well =]
Sent by Vixanu,Mar 11, 2015
no tbh ur avi wud look way cuter with the smile!
Sent by jenzie,Mar 11, 2015
Jenzie I already have that design..
Sent by 1Swampy8,Mar 11, 2015
i mean the dress*

i mean from @lucindas shop ahahahahah plz buy
Sent by jenzie,Mar 11, 2015

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