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Anybody want a design?

16thJan 22, 2013 by 1Swampy8
I feel like gifting someone. If you want something, post why I should gift you.
If you persuade me well enough then I'll gift you..


me the shirt i posted and uh cuz i love u! and id gift u back
Sent by Piddu,Jan 22, 2013
because i love gifts
Sent by Barbera,Jan 22, 2013
I don't like writing long essays about why i should have a design so here is a cute +13!11111
Sent by _Aria,Jan 22, 2013
I want the green eyes in Malibu's shop:P
I'll gift you back when I get my shop tonight:)
Sent by Tigger,Jan 22, 2013
Please gift me the eyes or lips from Gemma17's shop.  I am a new player to this site but I feel like I should be allowed to have designs too.
Sent by Krista,Jan 22, 2013
Please gift me the male hair because I have no designs and I love hippos which are super awesome. You would make my day :)
Sent by HipposUnite,Jan 22, 2013
Gift me grr grin because ily!
Sent by Sweetheart95,Jan 22, 2013
the female eyes
because we were friends a while back and i've always liked you ;_;
Sent by Vitamin,Jan 22, 2013
Cause ive been on this site forever and still dont own a grin :(  and that male mouth in shops is my favorite lol
Sent by smuguy2012,Jan 22, 2013
Athenaa she's really nice and she lacks gifts :( she'll like anything! please=[
Sent by Iceyblue52,Jan 22, 2013
me , I saved you everytime back when u were in stars and you said 'i wont forget it'
Sent by AlanDuncan,Jan 22, 2013
I only have one gift and would always wear it unlike most people who have over 15+ gifts. I'd like anything.
Sent by Pacers,Jan 22, 2013
Hi Alex! I love the wondereyes in shops, and they are on my dream avi!

I would love to have them, but also understand if you'd like to gift someone else :)

btw this is like, really nice for you to do this :)
Sent by Stick,Jan 22, 2013
I would. Really want log if you gifted me that black hair :) I've needed male hair for a while now and it's one of my favorites :) also I did help out with your shop :P lool I'm kidding it's up to you :)
Sent by Lachie227,Jan 22, 2013
Foxxy Love xoxoxo
Well id love the female wondereyes, the sb eyes, or the lips bc i work hard on tg and ily and i'd gift u back for sure
i voted u to win stars and ily
Sent by tyboy618,Jan 22, 2013
Me because i never get gifted. Also, i need the male eyes for my male avi that im working really hard on. If i had the ts id buy them myself but.... also, my friends NEVER gift me. All my gifts are from gift giveaways and random.orgs
Sent by SugarLove,Jan 22, 2013
I'd like that black hair in Piddu's shop b/c I've always wanted it and yea I'm nice and cool and can gift you back in 2 weeksssssssssssssssss
Sent by nmh95,Jan 22, 2013
You should gift me Alex because we were such cute friends when I was Popeye!
I miss Survivor with you and I miss talking to someone who does not automatically judge you based off what others have told you about me.

I miss you!
Sent by A_La_Fac,Jan 22, 2013
I would love the wonderland eyes in shops, because I've had so many accounts on tengaged over the past 4 years and have NEVER had wonderland eyes. I only have one design, that i didnt ask for. I would be so grateful to get the eyes.
and im on your survivor tribe
tribe unity, eh?
Sent by Mexash,Jan 22, 2013
Male Black Eyes, One my fasting has finished I will be able to buy Brown, and I am yet to get one single design. I enter everything, blog games, group games, gift giveaways I try so hard to try and buy myself one but It never works out :/ I would really love those eyes as they would be my first ever design and you would be able to have the title of that :p But I'm not expecting much but I wil be SOOOOOO grateful!
Sent by Tommeh208,Jan 22, 2013
music because without me your life would be dull
Sent by Music,Jan 22, 2013
I would really like a gift, remember when we chatted when you were in stars. I would love to chat again :) I'm not gonna be like I would do anythinggg to have them cus thats weird.. but i will gift you back and would like to be your friend :) anyway good luck to all. lovelife
Sent by LoveLife,Jan 22, 2013
I hate coming up for reasons for myself so uh

I would say... You should gift a good friend of mine, TheThomas, because he's a swell kid who I think deserves a lot more than what he gets. He's honestly one of the nicest and funniest people I know, and I know this is a very generic reason, but I think he deserves a gift.
Sent by ThatKoolKidOverThere,Jan 22, 2013
Idc who you gift
But please buy from faygo cause I love him and want him to move on
Sent by Wonderland,Jan 22, 2013
Gift me the female lips or hair, as I am a new user with not too many friends but I would really like a gift. I don't think it is fair that people with loads of designs get more. I am a nice, genuine and loyal person living in the UK and want to make a new friend so please gift me.
Sent by Abominable,Jan 22, 2013
in addition to which, he told me last night Black wondereyes was something that he really wanted, and I just thought I'd try at least idk.
Sent by ThatKoolKidOverThere,Jan 22, 2013
If anything I would want the hair, but I think you should buy something for yourself, you deserve it tbh Alex 1Swampy8
Sent by Castings,Jan 22, 2013
Castings, I just bought eyes for myself before making this blog.
Sent by 1Swampy8,Jan 22, 2013
I recently met TheThomas in a crookies, and since then I've found that he has a really strong drive to win, but doesn't seem to forget where his loyalties lie. Although I barely knew him, I knew I could trust him, and his friendliness and honest nature are traits that many people seem to lose on this site.

Additionally, he's a really sweet boy and is very tolerant of a lot of people (e.g. when GingerPowder and I scare him in the middle of the night by asking him really disturbing questions). He's patient, quiet, competitive and polite. He doesn't really ask for much, but I'm pretty sure he'd like Black Wonderland Eyes. If anyone deserves a gift, he's definitely one of the few who do.
Sent by Inkread,Jan 22, 2013
adopt me inkread thatkoolkidoverthere
Sent by TheThomas,Jan 22, 2013

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