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Unpopular opinion

4 zakisaboss, Oct 12, 2018

admin is doing better than any mod I can remember on #tengaged_moderation
all we need is for randomize to give kandee_ the ability to check ips


Sorry but..

11 Simplyobsessed, Sep 5, 2018

Because I haven't posted ads for years I checked the rules on Admin's profile before I posted and only went through with it because I could see that the ad didn't break any of the listed rules. If you want to introduce a new rule that is fine, but it isn't fair to ban people for a rule that isn't displayed. It is totally unreasonable to expect us to read all of #Tengaged_Moderation's blogs every time we post something new, especially since they have been inactive for three years.
Thank you LittleMix, Lovelife coreyants, underwzc, dandoe and FearlessFoxy for posting in support < 3


Important Announcement

2 EyooMarcus, Apr 25, 2018

Greeting Tengaged,
        Today I have some big news I would like to share with you guys as I feel as if it is going to make some of you very happy….. And some of you not so happy. A few days ago I was approached by randomize for a elite position on the website, you guessed it, Moderator. Now I have accepted this request but I had told him he is going to need to unban the #Tengaged_Moderation account. I was going to stay anonymous, but there is no need for that now. I havent done much since I have got the power, but I have banned a few multis here and there.
As of right now,
I have the ability to send someone into stars.
I have the ability to grant a small monthly amount of T$ away.
I have the ability to IP Check people.
I have the ability to ban people.
I have the ability to delete blogs & designs.
I have the ability to do other things.
Now before you ask me…. Will you show me anything? The answer is no. Sorry.
Now, I do plan on fixing some of the issues on this site as I have been on this site for a very long time and I feel there are many things wrong with it.
There are many rules I am going to put in action because I feel they are needed. THESE WILL BE EFFECTIVE AS OF APRIL 27TH 2018 EXCEPT FOR THE MULTIS.
Multis: PERMENANT BAN. If you know of any multis please send them to the email that people used to use.
Racism - Will result in a week ban for everytime you do something.
Hacking: Will result in a ban varying on the hacker. Do not share your password as I have no way to get you your account back if you get hacked.
Illegal Activity: Notice the word illegal? DONT DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL. Its very simple and as long as you follow the rules you will be good.
There are many things I have removed that will not get you banned anymore because I simply feel as if the rules of calling somebody faggot are dumb. If you have any ideas please send them to the email.
You should be having fun on the website, not being stupid. If you are upset with the decision Carlos made, that is tough luck for you. You wanted a moderator, and I am here to help you. You do not have to like me to respect me with the position I have currently. I will not ban you if you do not like me, unless you do something bannable.
Thank you and have a good day.



4 Manson, Apr 15, 2018

if #tengaged_moderation is an account randomize gives to a person that becomes a mod, doesn't that make the person (with the t-mod account and original account) a multi?


I love reading

4 yoshicoolman, Mar 26, 2018

all the emails I have sent to #Tengaged_Moderation aka brandonpinzu and not realizing how passive aggressive he was to me.
I did nothing wrong most of the time and he would just ban me casually because he did not like me... which I am not blaming him for because I was an annoying ass 13 year old.
Heres some spicy fun. : http://prntscr.com/iwszoa


Please give us moderation.

0 _Adidas_, Aug 9, 2017

If you really want the website to be fixed, appoint someone as moderation and unban #Tengaged_Moderation


Please give us Moderation.

1 Lights, Aug 9, 2017

If you really want the website to be fixed, appoint someone as moderation and unban #Tengaged_Moderation


36 brandonpinzu, Apr 30, 2017

Hi randomize,
I think I speak for a majority of Tengaged here when I say that it would be great to see moderation return to the website. As I've said in the past, most of us more veteran Tengaged users fully understand your hesitation due to your trusting of users in the past with the role and it not working out like it should have. However, there are viable candidates who I'm sure you could trust with the position to finally get the site fully moderated again. If your plan is to stay active and you find the moderator you appoint to be incapable of using their powers in the way they are intended to be used, you can simply remove them. It may be a tedious process but certainly a more successful one than the unfortunate past where mods have been left to run the site themselves.
As I have also mentioned previously, if you require the password to the #Tengaged_Moderation account myself or one of the other previous staff members ( JustMe or Johneh) could certainly give that back to you. If your full intention is to get this site back and running to its full capacity, moderation is a key role that needs to be filled, especially to ensure that there are no loopholes that are found when it comes to multiple accounts and cheating.
The return of moderation would allow the community to thrive again. The updates that have been done on the website so far have already brought people back to the website and I assume it has increased the number of people who visit it daily. It'd ensure cheating is eliminated, multiple accounts are banned and anybody who posts pornographic images or homophobic/racist slurs get punished.
As some have said previously, some view this as a ploy for me to return to the moderation position. That's just not true and I think I can speak for many previous moderators in saying that it is a very difficult role and one that shouldn't be taken lightly. It's something that can be very frustrating but with the activity of randomize again, perhaps it could make things much easier on somebody who actually takes on the role.
randomize, what we ask is that you simply address the issue. Please listen to some of your more veteran users who have been around for quite some time when thinking of updates that can be beneficial towards the website. Addressing the issue of moderation is something that takes a few seconds of your time and by doing that it would allow us to know the direction the website will be taking.


37 brandonpinzu, Apr 22, 2017

I know just how much moderation is truly needed on the site. The site is lucky that it didn't go through some sort of investigation with the number of pornographic images that were posted (where many of them included minors).
randomize, I know that you have issues with trusting people on the website to hold a moderation role (and rightfully so due to some people who have held moderation roles in the past) but there has got to be somebody that is suited for the role that you could hand it over to. If the issue is getting the #Tengaged_Moderation account back, if you're not able to reset it for whatever reason, you could get the password from a former moderator (me, JustMe, Johneh certainly wouldn't have an issue giving that back..)
The number of people who have returned to Tengaged over the past few days is huge because there's that hope that the site can return to its former glory. However, if there is no active moderator (or moderators) to go through reports and moderate the site when you are not around, then the players who have found loopholes in the past are going to find them again and cheat the system.
I understand the frustration of things you do likely being considered unappreciated, it happened with every single moderator in the past too but as much as many of us appreciate your presence on the site again, a first step should likely be addressing the issue of moderation. I know the idea of a self-moderated community likely sounds great to you, but it holds the risk of somebody finding a loophole to get around certain things.
Thanks for everything you've done, but this is something that truly needs to be attended to.


Spoiler Alert!

9 Obstreperous, Jan 7, 2017

Pegasus1234 wins T-Vivor season 1!
Obstreperous wins T-Vivor season 2!
noah_kondon wins T-Vivor season 3!
Kaseyhope101 wins T-Vivor season 4!
Obstreperous wins T-Vivor All-Stars!
jenzie wins T-Vivor: Tengaged Icons VS. Tengaged Flops!
s73100 wins T-Vivor season 7!
randomize and #Tengaged_Moderation win T-Vivor: Duos!
levonini wins T-Vivor: Host VS. Host!
garrievans97 wins T-Vivor: Second Chances!
There you go.
Spoilers on the first 10 seasons of #Tvivor.
You're welcome.


Back in my day's on tengaged

13 krissycx, Sep 7, 2016

We had these people called randomize and #Tengaged_moderation. Little noobs wont understand. Im like the 90s kid of tengaged.
Edit: This is obviously a joke. Yes i joined 3 years ago. I was here for at least 2 years before shit went down. I havent even been "active" for a year anyways. I left for a few months, came back, left again, and now im just here to make bets to buy friends designs and make a few blogs. Some of yall need to calm your tits getting offended asf over a silly blog like this.


Post ANYTHING Tengaged related

5 Gkinn1234, Jul 9, 2016

And I will rate it



0 MrAdamman12spapa, Apr 26, 2016

Dear Maturo
Eat shit and die alone


for every 20 points

16 C00LDUDE1000, Mar 24, 2016

i will state a fact about tengaged that some people might not know :o
20 - tengaged top blogs are decided by votes, not points, as to why some blogs with 2 points are top blogs
40 - johneh has the tricks to the games on his profile, and they do work! (I knew these before the made the list
60 - im pretty sure testcar has the longest inactivity
80 - cheaters on Tengaged: noun; uses multis to get karma; uses cheat engine; synonym: red nose
100 - if you post a design and it goes in auctions, you get 10% of what is bought for. And, if you have a shop, you get 10% of what the design you posted is bought for
120 - trending people most mentioned in the HOF goes by the people who tagged them's color level and it keeps adding
140 - if you click on the first person of a user's first game and repeat that process however many times you can, it will always lead to this http://www.tengaged.com/game/6689 but if they won their first game, go to their second game, if they are banned, go to the second person
160 - randomize is the creator of tengaged and #tengaged_moderation and #t_modtemp were mods
180 - megan, in fact, will have her annual easter blog. There will, however, most likely be more than 1 :o


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