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334 days 19 hours ago
Cf: Week one and we already have a showdown between legendary houses. This season is bound to be a battle so everyone’s gonna need to step it up
334 days 16 hours ago
Lipstick Message : I'll be back for All Stars.... Ugh i have to pack, Forever and always Cheryl Edwards xoxo
334 days 14 hours ago
CF: WOAH!!!!!!! Now that was a shock. I am glad i won a mini challenge but now i want one better
334 days 13 hours ago
CF: Ok honestly ain’t nooooooobody care that Cheryl’s gone
The real problem is I didn’t see my name in that winners spot that’ll change tho
334 days 13 hours ago
Episode 2:
Maxi Challenge - In teams perform a scene from AHS’ Murder House ft Evan Peters.

Mystique’s Team - Vivienne, Albie, Cuppa, Rebecca, Tiffani, Qiyana
Broadway’s Team - Victoria, Angel, Chunky, Honey, Katanna

Winning Team - Broadway Bebe’s Team
Maxi Challenge Winner - Broadway Bebe
High - Honey Longbottom & Katanna
Low - Cuppa Coffee
Bottom Two - Tiffani Lee & Vivienne

Runway: Lace
Best Runways - Katanna, Tiffani, Albie
Worst Runways - Rebecca, Cuppa, Chunky

Bottom Two - Tiffani Lee & Vivienne LaCroix
Lipsync Song - “Beautiful Trauma” by Pink
Lipsync Performance Rating - 10/10
Eliminated - N/A
334 days 11 hours ago
EP 1 CF: this was a bad start but im not giving up yet. i love alyssa and i love cheryl but i had to do what i had to do in the lipsync
334 days 10 hours ago
CF; omg these lip-syncs are killing it this season. makes me nervous for....who am I kidding. I'm not lip-syncing
334 days 4 hours ago
CF: I can't believe i won my first challenge and I am happy both of them stayed as the both killed that lipsync
334 days 4 hours ago
Ep 1

CF: GURRLLL winning that first challenge was everything!! Just because I’m an old bitch doesn’t mean I’m a broke bitch hunny!

Ep 2

CF: Yass our team slayed and I banked myself a high thank you very much! Syrup daughter you better be taking notes because yo mama is slaying this competition!
333 days 22 hours ago
Episode 3:
Mini Challenge - Musical Chairs
Mini Challenge Winner - Katanna
Maxi Challenge - In teams, perform a comedic lip-synced Rom Com.

Katanna’s Team - Mystique, Honey, Rebecca
Angel’s Team - Victoria, Albie, Vivienne
Chunky’s Team - Cuppa, Tiffani, Qiyana, Broadway

Winning Team - Angel’s Team
Maxi Challenge Winner - Albie
High - Victoria, Angel, Vivienne
Safe Team - Katanna’s Team
Bottom Team - Chunky’s Team

Bottom 5:
Chunky Yet Funky
Cuppa Coffee
Tiffani Lee
Qiyana Davenport
Broadway Bebe

TWIST: A poll will go up with the 5 queens, after a certain amount of time, the TWO queens with the highest vote will be LOW and will be immune from lip-syncing.
333 days 22 hours ago
Oh y’all wanted a twist?
333 days 21 hours ago
333 days 18 hours ago
CF; me winning the Maxi challenge see bitches i didnt come here to get fucking last i deserve to be here and i cant wait to see another girl walk out the door and i know their are some girls i gotta get out such as honey longbottom and Katanna but lets be for real i know the 3 of us are gonna get far so for now il be besties with them ;p
333 days 12 hours ago
CF: Me.. in the bottom for the second time in a lipsync challenge.. a nightmare. literally a nightmare
333 days 10 hours ago
CF: when I was making the teams, I was trying to be as fair as possible. made sure to put queens who were great at dancing and lipsyncing with queens who are great acting and comedy......okay and maybe I stacked up my team, but we didn't even win the challenge so stfu *laughs*

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