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334 days 5 hours ago
Season 2 Cast:

Angel Stardust (Jxhn)
Broadway Bebe (Dylangover1)
Katanna (Coyle14)
Cheryl Edwards (adamslater19)
Honey Longbottom (Rubes)
Qiyana Davenport (Kisa)
Vivienne LaCroix (CORNACIA)
Tiffani Lee (Patricenka9)
Mystique (Miss_Shugacain23)
Rebecca Strange (ThickBish)
Cuppa Coffee (turkeylover)
Albie (piesyumyyumypies)
Chunky Yet Funky (jason_2_12)
Victoria (aria_grande)

(NOTE: I’ve added an extra part to each episode, an overall rating of the lip sync. This is based on the queen’s lipsync skills and 1 being horrible, 10 being Yvie/Brooke amazing)
334 days 4 hours ago
Victoria is in the house

Hello I am Victoria and I am the Canadian heart
334 days 2 hours ago
Albie is here so get rekt hoes or il brake your toes XD

CF: Omg i cant believe i got here its my first ever drag race ive been doing drag for years but these girls are looking a bit ghetto but other then that my bff Markieshia was here last season but she failed cause she didnt know what to do so im here to take the win for here i really hope i can form my own Rolaxotox with some of these girls though so if anyone wanna do that pm blows kiss
334 days 2 hours ago
Bad Bitch Hassss Arrrriiiiived!!!!!!

CF: I’m not her to make friends I’m here to prove I’m the Baddest Bitch ALIVE PERIODT
334 days 2 hours ago
qi qi qi qiyana yana serving CUNT like im rihanna

CF: heyy! im Qiyana Davenprot from the LEGENDARY haus of davenport and im here to show the girls how it's done!
333 days 23 hours ago
The Haus of LaCroix is back bitches!

CF: My name is Vivienne LaCroix, and I am the daughter of the iconic Chanel LaCroix. I’m ready to prove that I am an iconic queen, and that I won’t just stay in my mothers shadows.
333 days 23 hours ago
I am just a Broadway baby

CF: Hey I am broadway BeBe I am from the Haus of Broadway we are all musical queens and I am here to win
333 days 23 hours ago
*throws a pineapple out* *slices it before it touches the ground* Oh sorry, too much?

CF: Helllooooo, Im Katanna and I am your friendly neighborhood Asian Looks Queen. I come from the Haus of Slice and that's exactly what I am going to do in the competition: slice the competition till I win and yes, I am winning
333 days 22 hours ago
Haus of Edwards has arrived, That's right all you BEASTS better get ready because i'm the sickening one here *Tongue pops*

CF : I'm Cheryl Edwards, Alyssa Edwards drag daughter, I'm known as a lip sync assassin, I've performed drag for 5 years now and i love what i'm doing, I serve looks and i will be lip syncing for the crown, Yes Gawd
333 days 22 hours ago
Did I trip when I fell down from heaven?

Cf: the ultimate blessing has arrived! I am angel Stardust and I have been in the business in New York City for years but I’m not aging myself with a number. I’m excited to represent my house and introduce my drag who have not yet been blessed
333 days 20 hours ago
A wild icon has appeared! Collet her before she... *rips off wig to reveal another* escapes with the crown *wink*

CF: I am that bitch, periodt.
333 days 18 hours ago
You don’t know what competition is until Chunky but Funky hits the room! Come on girls let’s go sumo wrestling so I can take you down one by one!
333 days 16 hours ago
Guess who decided to crash the party *Clicks fingers*
333 days 13 hours ago
Episode 1:
Mini Challenge - Photoshoot while a bucket of ice water is dumped on the queens
Mini Challenge Winner - Victoria
Maxi Challenge - Drag On A Dime
Maxi Challenge Winner - Honey Longbottom
High - Vivienne LaCroix & Albie
Low - Broadway Bebe
Bottom Two - Qiyana Davenport & Cheryl Edwards

Bottom Two- Qiyana Davenport & Cheryl
Lipsync Song - “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga
Lipsync Performance Rating: 9/10
Eliminated - Cheryl Edwards

Cheryl, You put up a fight for the short time you lasted, Alyssa would be proud.

(Cheryl, You can write a lipstick message if you’d like to)
333 days 11 hours ago
Congratulations Honey on the Win! First Challenge. Girl I am so proud
333 days 11 hours ago
Wow... seeing such a big queen like Cheryl going home week one is shocking. But congrats to Honey!!

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