💄Drag Race PYN - Interactive 👠

Inspired by the amazing Livnglavidaloca for his series, this series will feature a mix of random.org WITH Tengagers needing to be active throughout the season.


12-16 queens will compete by making a Drag Race queen (ORIGINAL NAME’S ONLY!). These queens will have certain strengths/weaknesses based on how their applications which will help or hurt them during certain challenges. All-Star seasons will be EVEN more interactive, including RECORDED LIP SYNCS.

A season should last around a week, no longer than two weeks.

Season 2 Cast:

Katanna (Coyle14)
Honey Longbottom (Rubes)
Albie (piesyumyyumypies)


14th: Cheryl Edwards (adamslater19)
12th/13th: Chunky Yet Funky (jason_2_12)
12th/13th: Tiffani Lee (Patricenka9)
11th: Cuppa Coffee (turkeylover)
10th: Victoria (aria_grande)
——Miss Congeniality——
9th: Rebecca Strange (ThickBish)
8th: Qiyana Davenport (Kisa)
7th: Mystique (Miss_Shugacain23)
6th: Angel Stardust (Jxhn)
5th: Vivienne LaCroix (CORNACIA)
4th: Broadway Bebe (Dylangover1)
——Final 3——
Runner-Up: Honey Longbottom (Rubes)
Runner-Up: Albie (piesyumyyumypies)
Winner: Katanna (Coyle14)

Winner’s Circle:
S1: Harriet Harlot (hazbez94)
S2: Katanna (Coyle14)

Miss Congeniality:
S1: Chanel LaCroix (CORNACIA)
S2: Qiyana Davenport (Kisa)

CHART https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BxdP9-OhteJGEWHjm3PBA5FSR17Xhp33GtmSaM6h_ko

Featured Players 11 playing

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💄Drag Race PYN - Interactive 👠

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