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224 days 6 hours ago
Each episode will consist of a Maxi challenge, whereas every 2nd episode will also have a Mini challenge.

There will be a Winner, Two Highs, A Low, A Bottom Two, with one of those bottom queens being eliminated. The rest of the queens are SAFE.

Certain challenges require certain skills eg Choreography or Makeup Skills. The higher your skill the more chance of winning, although this is from so it doesn’t completely mean you’re guaranteed to do well, just a higher chance.

Sometimes queens can either return halfway through the season, or in a lip-sync two queens may both be safe or sent home, all depending on their Lip-Sync Skill.

To make this slightly more interactive, one challenge I might throw in a bottom 3, where the queens will be put in a poll and one queen will be eliminated from there.

In the Final 3, the results are based SOLELY on track record. If you did poorly and made the Final 3, you’re most likely to be 3rd.

Here is the point system:

Win - 5
High - 4
Safe - 3
Low - 2
Bottom - 1
Eliminated - 0

Return - 3
Mini Challenge Win - +1
224 days 6 hours ago
Also, if you are in a team or group challenge, sometimes the winning group will be placed Win/High, other times the groups were judged individually.

And sometimes I may ask everyone remaining “who should go home and why”, to which each queen remaining must state which queen they want out and specify why.
224 days 5 hours ago
I’ll post 1-3 episodes a DAY

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