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29 days 20 hours ago
*Honey wipes away Victoria’s lipstick message and sits on the coach*

Congratulations Qiyana.

CF: So this was not my week I’m not that great at choreography since I’m a comedy queen and my runway wasn’t the best either which sucks but I stayed in the lipsync it was a killer lipsync bitch! Beyoncé is my shit and I slayed and hopefully these girls know what I can do now! I’m not giving up this easily!
29 days 20 hours ago
(Also Rebecca earned a HIGH, forgot to write her name on the post)
29 days 20 hours ago
Hello my final 9!

I’d like EVERY remaining queen left to answer in the forum this question:

Who should go home next, and why?

I’d love to hear your input. Check the chart if you need help deciding.
29 days 18 hours ago
CF; this twist is scary idk who to throw out do i pick someone good and try and throw a possible threat out or do i go with the person who has been doing the worst out of all challenges i need to make a choice quick but yay final 9 but their is still a long way to go to get the crown but rn im happy and nervous but i think im gonna call someones name out.
29 days 18 hours ago
Broadway Bebeonly because she has done the worst in all the challenges out of all the girls left its nothing personal Broadway but Ru wants my opinion il give it still love you sis
29 days 17 hours ago
I would choose Broadway Bebe. I think everyone remaining is a fierce queen, but she is struggling week after week, and I’m not sure if it’s her time.
29 days 16 hours ago
I wold say Angel Stardust I know that I have been doing to great but I have been trying to learn for my mistakes to make myself a better queen and I don't think angel is trying so that is way I say angel
29 days 16 hours ago
CF: it harts that some of the queens are saying my name but that is only because I know it is true but I am trying
29 days 15 hours ago
CF: Ahhhh! I finally won a challenge! I think i was a great team leader and my team absolutely SLAYED! choreography is my forte! never forget the dancing divas of davenport!

Hmm i think Angel Stardust has definitely fallen under the radar. To Broadways defense she actually won a challenge! and even I didn’t do well untill recently.. maybe Angels time has not come yet and she couldn’t showcases her full talent. but as of right now shes been struggling for the past 2 challenges.. and never truly had her moment. Maybe she should’ve waited a couple of seasons before auditioning to polish herself more.
29 days 13 hours ago
I would also have to say angel , she’s been low two times in a row now , and at this point in the competition It’s not going to last much longer, there’s so many fierce girls here it’s really sad to see one of my sisters go
29 days 11 hours ago
I would unfortunately have to say Angel but only because she hasn’t been shining like some of the other queens here. She’s an amazing person tho
29 days 6 hours ago
I would say BeBe. I’d say she’s had multiple opportunities to act in your critiques and hasn’t risen to the occasion. I think that her win was a product of a team challenge and she hasn’t stood out as an individual. She’s also standing before you tonight in a unitard with no corset and a belt
29 days 5 hours ago
And Miss Qiyana lets not get it twisted. You only won because you painted a vase and chose some dancers. Maybe you should've waited a couple of seasons, learned to use a sewing machine before auditioning for Season 5 or 6. That's where you should be.
29 days 2 hours ago
With 7 of the 9 voting, it seems people think either Angel or Broadway are the weakest.

29 days 2 hours ago
Episode 6:
Maxi Challenge - Design an outfit made of plants and flowers.
Maxi Challenge Winner - Albie
High - Honey Longbottom & Vivienne
Low - Katanna
Bottom Two - Rebecca Strange & Mystique

Bottom Two - Rebecca Strange & Mystique
Lipsync Song - “Rabbit Hole” by AViVA
(This is one of my fave songs irl)
Lipsync Performance - 6/10
Eliminated - Rebecca Strange

Rebecca, you were always consistent-ly safe. I’m sorry but it’s time for you to sashay away.

(Rebecca, you may write a lipstick message if you’d like to)

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