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Pokepat's Survivor: Preservation Island

Congratulations to James R./J2999 for winning Season 14 of Pokepat's Survivor, Second Chances!

Pokepat's Survivor is pushing the brim of social and strategic gameplay once more, bringing back the mysteries and wonders of Preservation Island for another go. This island lays place around the waters of French Polynesia, which is composed of hundreds of islands in the South Pacific. With 18 new players getting ready to face the challenges of this season, who knows what's in store? Will your attempt to preserve your game ultimately be your downfall?

18th| Mercedes R. (mercedes415) {Rangiroa} 3-2
17th| Keaton P. (ThisIsMyGame) {Huahine} 6-2 [PI Tribal]
16th| AJ C. (KingGeek) {Rangiroa} 3(0)-2 [PI Tribal]
15th| Sanda L. (Imopink1) {Huahine} Medical Evac.
14th| Patrick J. (Patrick319) {Rangiroa} 3-2
13th| Mike R. (Pieguy555) {Huahine} 8-2
12th| Hali K. (BritishRomeo17) {Huahine} 1(0)-1
11th| Brian C. (cfff) {Rangiroa} 3-3(-1)-0(0)
------------MERGE & JURY------------
10th| AJ B. (JetsRock12) {Nuku Hiva, Tikehau} 6(0)-3-1
9th| Ray G. (GentlemanG) {Nuku Hiva, Tikehau} 4-3-2
8th| Gabriel T. (gabrieltrezza) {Nuku Hiva, Tikehau} 4-4(-1)
7th| Patrick R. (GrrrImABear) {Huahine, Tikehau} 4-3
6th| John B. (Jxhn) {Nuku Hiva, Tikehau} 3-2-1
5th| Cole K. (Coyle14) {Rangiroa, Tikehau} 3-1-1
4th| Ian S. (Saftronbtr999) {Huahine, Tikehau} 2-2/Lost FMC
3rd| Kara K. (k4r4k) {Nuku Hiva, Tikehau} 1 Vote to Win
2nd| Stef L. (lemons) {Rangiroa, Tikehau} 2 Votes to Win
1st| Le M. (LEANNA) {Nuku Hiva, Tikehau} 4 Votes to Win

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