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407 days 12 hours ago
407 days 11 hours ago
Everyone hates me? That’s news to me and kinda seems like an exaggeration tbh. If there’s anyone here that hates me hopefully we can talk it out as this is just a game 💆🏻‍♀️
407 days 11 hours ago
Stef, you’re probably not expecting my vote. Don’t. We haven’t spoken. I know I didn’t try either but I’m not gonna justify it when social activity is a fundamental part of the game.

You seem bitter. Just because I found Idols and didn't talk to you is not a valid reason to completely write off my game. You didn't message me either. The road is two streets and you got got and now you're being a bitter bitch about this whole thing.

Stef shouldn't be in finals, relying on advantages isn't good gameplay.

I think knowing when to play advantages correctly is. Maybe if you played your idol right you could have been here.
407 days 11 hours ago
Stef, I legit have nothing to say to you. You relied on advantages and idols the entire time. You let Patrick manipulate you into accepting another advantage even though you were being targeted for having a lot of advantages already, and that is just not smart. To finish, you literally NEVER spoke to me the entirity of the game, except that one time we went to PI for 13th i believe? You showed to play a terrible social game and not really smart game.

I don't think I let Patrick manipulate me in any way? I accepted the power even though I knew that everyone was always seeing me as a big threat already. And everyone saw through the act that Patrick was playing hence why he was voted out so soon. Did you speak to me? I never said my social game was the strongest but I spoke to the people I needed too each round to ensure my survival.

I think you aren't fully looking at the game I actually played. I feel as if I explained myself in my original speech fairly well. Did you even read it or did you already come in here with a full view on who to vote for? In that case no fucking point in asking me a question.
407 days 11 hours ago
Stef - 3 idols, 2 immunity orbs, and one extra vote - 5 of these advantages came to your aid, some directly, some through helping your allies survive, and yet some people here want to say that you only made it here through your advantages. What’s your response to this? Was there more at play? You obviously had to do something right to not waste a single one **pauses and glares at Ray** So, what were you able to do to know to play them correctly? Is there something we’re missing in your social game, or do you just have a really strong gut?

I think that being able to know when to play them from the information that people gave me either on 1-1's or in group chats I was involved in I was always aware or had a good guess of who was going home. I think making my whole game about advantages and powers is such a shitty argument when I literally have had to play this game hard since day 1. It's frustrating to me to have spent 20 days playing this game for it to all not matter. Due to mens egos being hurt by a powerful women.
407 days 11 hours ago
I think not voting for me over my social game when literally all of you could have messaged me as well is a pretty pathetic excuse of a reason. I get that you don't have to like me but Jesus Christ do you all get hard off of being bitter.

I've been playing this game hard since Day 1 and I've had to work every round to make sure I was going to be safe. I know I didn't talk to people but I did try and once it was clear we weren't working together we didn't talk. Both ways.

I think I played a good game. Thanks for your pretty rude questions.
407 days 9 hours ago
I mean I said myself I didn't message you either, unfortunately you're the one at the end. I'm not at all bitter towards you, the only person I can possibly blame for me being out is either myself or Cole and even he will tell you I'm not bitter.
407 days 6 hours ago
Hi Guys. Just wanna say to congrats to the final 3. It was a hard fought battle and even. though I am upset that I am not there, I am not bitter. I don't take these games as *some* people do, but, nonetheless, you all played the game of Survivor.

I will not be asking questions because there is no answer I need from any of you because I know how each of you played this game.

Kara and Leanna, you guys should really give yourself a pat on the back for getting as far as you guys did because I am shook that you guys managed to get there.

Stef, I am sorry that you lost trust in me but I do want to point out that we had talked a little about flipping on Patrick during that vote, which helped me move forward with my plan on voting him out. Stef, I am rooting for you. Don't let anyone think you played any less of a game than you did because you honestly slayed this season. I want you to take this time and explain your game and show these jurors why you really deserve to win this season.

Lots of Love, Cole....
407 days 5 hours ago
Hi finalists! Congrats on making it here!

I’m not gonna lie.. I felt pretty betrayed by both Kara and Leeana during my tribal. You guys knew I was getting votes and knew it was very likely that Stef was getting and idol played on her. You 2 were my closest allies and it felt like you guys just let me be blindsided when I thought we were closer than that.

My mind isn’t decided yet and by the way final tribal is going my vote could go to any of you. You all played VERY different games to get here which is pretty cool.

My question for you guys is... Was there a point of time in the game where you felt like it was your tribal to get voted out? If so, when and what did you do to make sure you didn’t go.
406 days 19 hours ago
@Cole thanks :)

logically speaking, it makes sense that you would be so shocked the two of us made it to the end and not surprised to see Stef as I didn't have any advantages to my name to protect myself or have a safety net. I only went to PI the once and didn't have too great of a time, so instead of relying on advantages I built alliances with people. And not only did I not have any advantages of my own, one was still used on me. I think I had the most votes cast against me in this game over anyone (or at least I had 8 votes against in post merge - receiving votes 4 out of the 7 tribal councils), which means people saw me as a threat but couldn't ever find success in sending me out of the game. I'm proud of that.
406 days 19 hours ago
@AJ your eviction was the hardest on me. At his point in the game I wasn't thinking clearly. I was aligned with everyone with the hope that things would go the way I wanted them to go (Stef voted out with the idol in her pocket). I am so sorry that I have made you feel the way you do and understand completely why you feel that way.

Everyone knew Stef had an idol and knew that risk by making her the vote. I did not have any information that she would use the idol nor did I ever tip anyone off on that side that it should be played. As I previously explained I wanted Stef out at that vote and to flush an idol. I carried on in the Last Resort alliance chat with Stef, Patrick, Cole, Leanna, and John and acted like everything was peachy. I said I was voting you and tried to reassure them that everything would go okay but I obviously failed at that because her idol was played and she was saved. I also failed at not letting you know. But at the time I felt like if I let you know, you might've freaked out and it come back to the trio that one of the Last Resort people had leaked and they wouldn't feel comfortable. That would've meant they 100% wouldn't feel comfortable and would 100% use the idol on one of them.

I did try to get the vote off of you without being obvious that I was close to you. When the trio said your name I came back with questions of why and why not someone else - personally suggesting Ray as that was someone I would have voted at the time. I figured they were just 3 people and would listen more to the thoughts of Leanna, John, and myself to make sure they had support. When they were firm on voting you I just nodded and smiled, knowing full well they didn't have the votes.

Where I also kick myself is I asked John and Leanna if we should split votes and put some on Cole but I didn't feel comfortable trying to change things last minute and apparently neither did they. The 7 of us put all our eggs in one basket and it was honestly dumb on all of our parts, but I accept more responsibility because I should've made even more of an effort to change things and ensure your safety as you were one of my closest allies and someone I wanted to go deep into this game with. For all of this, I am truly sorry.
406 days 18 hours ago
@AJ I was clearly worried after the vote for Ray, in which I ultimately chose a side and it was against those that I had made great connections with since the start of the game. But knowing it would most certainly be a 4-4 even split, I almost welcomed the thought of being their vote as to be safe at rocks. I trusted Patrick, Cole, and Stef to go to rocks - especially since I just solidified something with them and because at this point why would they dispose of me and accept becoming a minority again?

As I mentioned earlier, I actually made the effort to act aloof and defensive toward my previous alliance members as to hopefully piss them off enough to make me the vote and be safe in a rocks situation. When tribal was approaching though I wasn't sure who they would vote. I was almost entirely sure it wasn't Stef since that was the name they gave me. As a foursome, we thought the vote would be either me or Patrick. Patrick directed Stef to play the orb on me which ended up being the right choice. I appreciated the protection of the orb and see it as being covered from multiple angles. In addition to this, I thought Gabriel was the smartest vote because I knew the rest of the group was more tight knit; the main contributing factor to this being Gabriel had already quit the game.

So I had 3 things I tried to put into place to help keep me safe - 1. a target that if it went to rocks I thought it possible someone would possibly flip their vote off me to Gabriel to stay safe 2. try to make myself the vote to then gain immunity in rocks and 3. the protection of an orb

who's to say if it would've went to rocks or what would have happened, but I stayed and I was pleased :)
406 days 12 hours ago

Well anywho, I'm proud of the game I played and how I handled myself here at FTC :)

If anyone has any ill feelings towards me then I do apologize for the character I played/role I took on in this game. If you were targeted by me it meant I saw you as a threat and that's a compliment in my eyes. Had a fun experience and wish everyone well!

My magic 8 ball says the outcome does not look good for me so...

Good luck Stef & Leanna

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