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Congratulations to Gaiaphagee/Stoner D! on winning Survivor Indonesia!

Welcome to ItsOfficial's Survivor Series! Over the course of the past 17 seasons; we have witnessed some stellar game play featuring 214 different Castaways. After a Mild Hiatus. The Series re-animates as a 2nd Generation is sparked. This upcoming season of ItsOfficial's Survivor Series will feature 18 castaways. These 18 castaways were hand-selected to compete in one of the most diverse games known to man. The game will begin with Two Tribe's of 9. These castaways will be forced to endure the weather conditions and climate of the World's LARGEST Island country that contains a chain of over thirteen thousand other islands. This season; castaways will also be faced with adversity as we embark on a Journey to Indonesia.  But, with Idols and power shifts being very much apart of the game. Who will possess what it takes to Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast the rest as we head to Survivor Indonesia! 39 Days, 18 castaways; ONE Survivor!

Maluku - Merged Tribe - Dark Green Buffs

TheSexiestDude990/Julian W.
Gaiaphagee/Stoner D.

18th - BigBrother_78/JP G.[Kelang] 6-2-1 Day 2
17th - Obstreperous/Garret L. [Flores] 6-3 Day 3
16th - Mrbird/Raul S. [Flores] 5-2-1 Day 4
15th - hellomynameis347/Will N. [Kelang] 6-1-1 Day 5
14th - papalouiesfansfan/Simon B. [Kelang] 6-1 Day 6
-----------------TRIBE SWAP-------------------
13th - GiGi10/Matt F. [Flores-Kelang] 3-3 RV 3-1 Day 7 (EXILE - DJ2722/DJ F.)
12th - Nickbrad97/Nick B. [Flores-Flores] 5-1 Day 8
11th - _JB_/JB B. [Flores-Flores] 4-1 Day 9
10th - Violetx/Violet P. [Flores-Kelang-Maluku] 6*(0)-2*(0)-1*(0)-1 Day 10
-------------------JURY BEGINS-----------------------
9th - DJ2722/DJ F. [Flores-Kelang-Maluku] 7-2 Day 11
8th - Cryptspartan/Crypt A. [Kelang-Flores-Maluku] 5-2-1 Day 12
7th - yinzer149/Leo S. [Kelang-Flores-Maluku] 4-2-1*(0) Day 13
6th - Emmett4/Emmett S. [Kelang-Kelang-Maluku] 4-2-1 Day 14
5th - Kaseyhope101/Kasey H. [Flores-Kelang-Maluku] 4-1 Day 15
4th - Blujay112/Nick M. [Kelang-Flores-Maluku] 3-1 Day 16
3rd - BBlover96/Jayson S. [Kelang-Kelang-Maluku] Julian's sole vote Day 17
RUNNER-UP - TheSexiestDude990/Julian W. [Flores-Flores-Maluku] 3 votes to win Day 18
SOLE SURVIVOR - Gaiaphagee/Stoner D. [Kelang-Kelang-Maluku] 4 votes to win Day 18

Applications: http://www.tengaged.com/group/8375
Planning Group: http://www.tengaged.com/group/8209
Viewer's Lounge: http://www.tengaged.com/group/8161
Ponderosa: http://www.tengaged.com/group/8206
ItsOfficial's Survivor Series (ISS) Rules: https://tengaged.com/group/7679-itsofficials-survivor-indonesia/forum/topic/21073758
Past Seasons History: http://www.tengaged.com/group/7679/forum/topic/16681148

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