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ItsOfficial's Survivor 23

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847 days 8 hours ago
  As of this post, you have been offline for 9 days.  I sincerely hope you are ok.  Some people have told me stories of group game hosts just vanishing mid-game.  You have been a host for 23 seasons...this definitely isn't like you. 

Something must have happened.  I hope you come back soon and tell us about it and that everything is ok.  We are all worried about you.

As for the game, if it truly ends this way, that's of course a big shame.  I had a lot of fun playing, but will always wonder what could've been.

I wish all of my fellow final 8 survivors a very Merry Christmas.   If this game resumes, I look forward to continue to battle.   If the game never does resume, then I hope to see you all in future games.

And Erik....Merry Christmas and thank you for hosting.

846 days 10 hours ago
If the game does end here, this is a pretty iconic Final 8.

Hope everything's okay, Erik.

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