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Oct 23, 2018 by xMountain22x
was a bad day for me. For various reasons. Some just flat-out ridiculous, and others sad and heartbreaking. Now listen, I'm not the one to get sappy about everything, but this was just horrible. My dad's cousin's wife (which sounds way more complicated than it is) and I are pretty close. Basically, she got married to my dad's cousin after he got divorced, and my dad's wife's cousin (who I'll now call Jen, her real name, for simplicity reasons)

Anyways, Jen's mother, sadly lost a battle to cancer last month, and we gave her our condolences and prayers, and helped her get back to her normal self again. She was obviously still heartbroken that her own mother had passed, and its nothing any of us expect to happen, but what was really bad about what happened and what would lead into the mess that is today is her brother Lou, who supported her in her mother's death, now had stomach cancer that couldn't be cured.

This was even more heartbreaking because he had a wife and two sons (6 and 8) and once I found out his last days were coming, it was unbearable to see his two kids suffer. Early this morning, he passed peacefully in his sleep >:(

Alongside the apparent tragedy of that, we had to go out in public in our shells of people that day, and it was bad. I was just not me. I felt heartbroken and quiet and... y'know, not someone that is myself. I can't even imagine Jen with this situation.

To top it off, my beloved cat Lovey passed away from cancer on the 18th (may she RIP :((() and I had a horrible stomach flu and headache yesterday and still today. I think you guys can see why I wasn't active on tengaged today.

Its a long post, I know, but whatever. I really had a lot to get off of me.

Tagging some cool people for fun and that could make me feel better:


I can't believe how bad this must be for you. I know many people are willing to support you through your hard times and I will keep Jen's mother, her brother Lou and your cat in my prayers. If you need help, just tell me. I hope you get well from your stomach flu, and hopefully you guys become happier. <3
Sent by SharonMaItems,Oct 23, 2018
Woahhh crap man I'm so sorry to hear :(
thoughts with your family, here for you whenever <3 Hope things improve eventually. Stay strong :(
Sent by J2999,Oct 24, 2018

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