Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Lol okay.

1stNov 2, 2018 by xMountain22x
I decided because why not, if you get this to +70, I'll show my face. :) Because maybe it'll help with my social anxiety? nah, who knows lol

(dang, my social anxiety is bad. I might do this later. i feel kinda pressured, and even if i dug my own grave, I'm starting to kinda regret this now. hold on, i'll do it soon, but maybe not now. i really didn't expect this to get any attention)


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yes mountain!
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sure, don't be afraid of who you are! plussed
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King you got this you'll get a good response :)
don't feel pressured to if you don't want, but you're a great guy :P
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+++ confidence is key :)
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Show me on Skype first (;
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You do you, xMountain22x.
Don't do it because pressure.
Do it because you want to.

Plus...your blog doesn't say WHEN you'll show your face. 馃槈
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youre such a pussy lmao get over urself ugly
Sent by Yaxha,Nov 3, 2018
I felt bad for you at first bc you posted a blog about feeling anxious, pressured and uncomfortable with the possibility of showing your face and how you didn't want to let anyone down, and then you deleted it when it didn't get any attention and I realized you were just trying to direct everyone to this blog to get +s for a top blog, so now I just think you're lame. :/
Sent by Lalisa,Nov 3, 2018
Its cool if you wanna show your face. It doesn't really matter. And it's cool if you want to troll the blogs page, a lot of people do "+ this and I'll do x" and never follow through. But social anxiety and other disorders (whether similar or not) aren't cool to joke about.
It's cool you got your 15 seconds on here though. Don't count on it happening again x
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Not to be rude but are you a multi or something? I鈥檓 shocked this got so many plusses
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ur so pathetic
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