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Its been rough this month

Oct 28, 2018 by xMountain22x
idk, its just sad that someone I knew so close is now gone (my uncle basically but not really). like, its never going to be the same, y'know.

Like, he has three children and a wife, and its just so sad man.

He even had a go-fund me page that never got completed because he passed so quick. He only died two months after he was diagnosed with stomach cancer >:(
Here's the page of the go fund me, at least the 90K will go to other families to avoid them going through my pain

(also, yeah ik. I've been playing it off fine, but i'm just trying to ignore the fact that he's gone. it hurts though, so I thought i'd share it :/)


I'm sorry :(
Sent by FireWolf,Oct 28, 2018
im so sorry, my pms r always open if u need some1 <3
Sent by Birks4444,Oct 28, 2018

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