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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


14thAug 15, 2023 by woah
For an opinion!

penguinowen126 - I feel like we’re friends! I think ?? You’re super fun to talk to and I’m always supporting you in stars. I think that makes us friends??

benp428 - I’m gonna need you to keep this active streak going when my depressive episode ends. No girlfriend excuses! Tengaged comes first.

david2560 - I feel like we used to not like eachother. I have such an embarrassing memory of me & you and I prayyyy you don’t remember it. But I think over the games we’ve played together we’ve gotten a sense of loyalty from one another :) I think you’re a very nice guy tbh

FromAWindow - omggg I love you so much tbh. I remember like circa 2020 when I would see you in a frookies with me and start punching the air. You would PLAY my ass and it was so embarrassing. You’re legit such a nice person though. I feel like I haven’t seen you in a game in YEARS yet every stars poll or emotional blog you are there for support and I can’t express how much that means to me! Literally obsessed with you top 10 people of all time I swear.

jojo_strawberree - I don’t think we’ve ever interacted! I like the cat gifs though so you’re cool in my book Ol Jo 🤪

Yandereboy12 - one of my bffs from here, I’m sorry I’m such a bad friend to you 😭 I get so caught up irl that I completely neglect the friends I’ve made online. It’s never personal I promise. You know that you’re one of the coolest people on this website. I need to join some frookies with you soon! I’m deserved an eviction vote from you 😂

colehausman271 - I think that people really try to paint you as a one dimensional comp beast and that’s very unfair and disregards all that you truly bring to the table. You are one of the greatest players on this website in my opinion and I’m very honored to call you one of my ride or dies. You and I both understand the long implications that these games can bring, both good and bad. We recognize the big picture and get it done. I’d really be interested in learning more about the Cole behind the avatar! I miss playing with you and tbh every single time I join a frooks and part of me is looking for you!

cheritaisdelicious - TBH Miss Cherita I think that you are a very interesting person. You’re passionate when you play and I respect that. I do feel like we could be AMAZING allies under the right circumstances. I’ve felt that way for a while and I feel that now. I can’t help but feel like we both show some resistance when trying to work together, which always pushes the other away. We have to break this cycle! I believe in us, I do. We need to try the ride or die route ONE TIME and I think it’d be splendid. SWEEEEEEEEEEEET DIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSPOOOOOOOOSIITIIOOOOOON.

temponeptune - god I want to be you when I grow up 😭 I don’t even know if you’re older than me but wow I’m jealous of how GOOD you are at these games. You can lie to my face and backstab me and I’ll still want to work with you like I don’t get it. You’re literally too cool for this place it’s wild. Congrats on finally getting that stars win!


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Awh hugs
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o̶̢͍̐n̴̡̠͑̄ḙ̸̤̹͐ ̶̠͕͙͒͂̃w̵̞͗̐ͅi̴̔̿ͅt̴͉̦̂h̶̰̃͝ ̷͓̤́̉t̴̘̦̖͋̾̄h̷̦̐̽e̸̛̺͈͊ ̶̨͠j̶̹͑͌ö̷̡͖́͒̓ò̴̰͊j̴̈́͛ͅ
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