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Dec 27, 2023 by woah
and I will make a prediction for what 2024 will hold for you

Morant - tbh I could see you finding yourself this year. I’m leaning more towards a career path, a place in this world kind of thing. Potentially the best year yet!

Bernard_Sanders - 2024 is going to bring you confirmation. Whether that is confirming that you’re where you need to be, or the exact opposite. You’ll be SURE this year regardless.

MarieEve - 2024 is going to bring new new opportunities. New friends, new location, just a change of pace overall.

Thirteen - 2024 will bring you creative energy. How you spend that, good or evil, is simply up to you…

colter - 2024 is bringing you warmth and love. You’re either meeting your soulmate or you’ll be surrounded by good and welcoming people. Either way I’m looking forward to seeing you shine :)

3pi14159 - this is your year of perspective. You’re going to broaden your horizons and understand others in a much deeper way. Greater bonds and a greater appreciation for how much you have to offer this world.

daveycool - DOLLAR SIGNS! You’re going to rake it in this year. Looking forward to all the success!


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Me :)
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Hopefully we’ll… I can’t say it :X
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