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Thank You

Jul 16, 2018 by tomhartnell
I want to formally thank Gagaluv and Admin for helping me over the weekend. While I was preparing for a wedding that I officiated, someone hacked into my account, posted a bunch of porn, and made blog posts stating that I like to touch little boys. I'm honestly not offended, due to the fact that the matter was resolved quickly. I want to thank Moderation for banning me as soon as it began, I was worried at first that my ban was over the porn, but it turned out that it was because I was hacked, and they had to get to mine in the order I was hacked.

I wasn't the only account that was hacked, and I want to issue a warning to all of you, In your settings check the no facebook please button, this will protect at least your facebook from being hacked into. Luckily the idiot never logged into mine.

I want to state, that even though police authorities won't do anything about a small time hacking situation, the statement made about touching little boys, is considered slander, and even though police wouldn't get involved first hand, they would back me if I ever decided to track down the individual who thought it was funny to try and mess with people's lives.

I'm not mad though, I am sad, very very sad for you, I pity you. I have friends, and rarely have the time to make a blog post, but you don't, and have a lot of time to do nothing, so you troll on a website that has as much notoriety as the peanuts in my shit. I really am sorry that you can't cherish the gift of life you were given. That you feel so low that you can't bring your face into public, and have to sit in the comfortable confines of your monitor.

I really want to thank Gagaluv you really are a godsend, you helped me find the proper emails and accounts to message before my life could have really been fucked with. Thank You Carolyn!


Sent by me2013,Jul 16, 2018
Sent by gagaluv,Jul 16, 2018

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