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Big Brother House Ranking #9

Jul 13, 2018 by tomhartnell
imageIt was the battle of Biblical Proportions, for the first and so far only time 14 returning houseguests were put in the arena to battle it out against each other, the best of the best. I'm sure you know where I'm going with this; coming in at #9 Big Brother All Stars!portfolio

Like I said it was a battle of Biblical Proportions, and the arena was set with that in mind, this house had a Heaven vs Hell theme to match such an epic season that was about to unfold. And this house truly embraced that theme to the fullest. This house not only had the heaven vs hell aspect, but also embraced the All Stars twist to the upmost extent. Around the house, Big Brother memorabilia was framed and on display. From the keys of every winner, to Howie's lightsabers this house had more Easter eggs than anything ever done. So let's delve into the individual rooms of this Epic House!

Living Room: If you didn't get that the house theme was Heaven vs Hell, then this room put it out there ten fold, A hellish design, with neon flames on the wall, red couches, orange nomination chairs, and a sense of elegance that Lucifer himself could truly admire. This living room was awesome, and not only the Hell design, but on the opposing wall, the memorabilia, that reminded each houseguest why they were there; Howie's lightsabers, the keys of the winners, Marcellas' unused POV, The X Factor statue, and more this room truly encapsulated what it really meant to be an All Star.

Kitchen: With a Tuscan feel, this season's kitchen blended well with the Hell theme of the main floor. Special Shoutout to the scene where Will was mocking the design, asking who the hell puts cabinets 20 feet high. Yeah this room had it's quirks, but it was great. Another shoutout: The Tuscan motif had large vases throughout the area, one of which was the hiding spot to one Alison Irwin.
Dining: Of course the Dining area usually keeps the motif of the kitchen due to it being basically the same room, this dining area had a brick wall, which blended well with the color pattern, creating a spotlight right where the nominations took place.

Gym: This gym had a checkered Red and Yellow pattern that kinda looked as if it was a throwback to the Living Room of BB2, it was neat to see the houseguests work out in the craziness, and even better when Dani was locked away for the night alone in there.

Bathroom: It was elegant; reds and golds highlighted the color pattern, and the large lounger made for some great scenes. Best Part was the rubber duckies; that, at the time were a major staple to each Big Brother house. This time they had alternating shelves featuring devil ducks and angels, to really bring in the Heaven vs Hell aspect.

Garden of Eden Bedroom: This was the first bedroom in the house, and this season they added a wall in between to give the houseguests more rooms to congregate in. This room was green with different herbs and plants highlighted around. The words Loyalty and Betrayal were highlighted as the room definitions, paying homage to not only 2 aspects of Big Brother, but also the two aspects that were important to Adam and Eve. Ivy also adorned the room, and in the middle of the wall, a tarantula cage that served for this season's pets, and also led in to the...

Insect Room: okay so at first you might not think this room highlights the whole Biblical theme, but if you think about it. How humans act as insects serving a higher cause, it makes perfect sense. This room was basically a mirror image to the Eden room, but it was yellow and brown vs green and dark green.

Hell Room: Satin's Paradise. This room was unique, it was beautiful, it was RED. The words Love and Hate were highlighted here, and the room featured a large red couch and a 4 person bed, which meant that you might be sleeping with the enemy; Literally.

Backyard: This backyard was really pretty, and it reminds me of a time when Big Brother actually cared about the place the houseguests spend most of their time. This area was lush, and fitted for all stars. With a large couch that has become the staple, and a firepit, this backyard in my opinion was the 3rd best use for the space. Shoutout to when Kaysar was given a Hookah for his HOH, and everyone was smoking Hookah in the backyard. That was awesome!

Balcony: So if Downstairs had the Hell theme, the upstairs had to offer a slice of Heaven. And it did! It was beautiful to say the least. A bright blue wallpaper made it feel as if you were in the sky, and the white lounger made it feel like you were on cloud nine, looking over the hellions downstairs.

Now for the Best part, and why this will forever be one of my favorite uses of the BB house
HOH Room: Okay so week one we had a very well done heaven themed room, but how could it get better? Well, how about customizing each HOH room for each individual HOH? They went with it too, each week the best part of the week was finding out what they did for each All Star's different personality and character, from Kaysar's swagger, Boogie's Party room, Erika's Flowers, Chicken George's retro 70s room, to Janelle's Pink Princess Room, each HOH room was different, and made each HOH feel special. And for that we can never forget this house, and I hope they do it again one day.


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