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Fuck Big Brother 6

Jun 30, 2018 by tomhartnell
Okay so I love the Sov's, but hear me out on this one

The "Friendship" alliance (funny huh) Sheeped Eric the same way The "Friendship" Alliance from BB19 sheeped Paul. The only difference, Eric got evicted week 3. They ran around like idiots with their heads caught off having the sole purpose to take out Janelle and Kaysar. They didn't give a shit about their own games, and handed Maggie the win because she was Eric's friend IRL. There was no strategy other than to get Janelle and Kaysar out.

The only time they ever did something smart, was when they worked with the Sovs to get James out. That was it!

Don't ever EVER say that they were a good female alliance because the majority of the alliance was a female alliance. They didn't give a shit if they were male, female, or hermaphrodite, they only cared that their allies wanted Janelle and Kaysar out.
And they didn't even like each other. They were weak minded sheep who played Eric's game long after he was evicted, and refused to move on.

I think it's a funny fucking coincidence that Paul named his alliance Friendship too. If Paul was evicted the same outcome. In Fact BB19 was like BB6, but at least Janelle and Kaysar had Howie, Sarah, and Rachel. And James was an amazing player. which is why I love BB6, but Fuck Friendship. If I ever hear friendship used as a term in big brother again, I'm shutting off my tv.



I don't think they were like a "female female" alliance they were just more pinned together for their hate against certain houseguests "cough james cough janelle" they are lame tho.
Sent by Matthew09,Jun 30, 2018

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