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Donald Trump

Mar 12, 2018 by tomhartnell
Isn't the worst president ever (not yet) There I said it, and neither was Obama, Bush, Clinton, the other Bush, or anyone that has been president since Andrew Johnson a man who tried to bring slavery back... (or at least in a more PC term of slavery where "they're people, but not really")
It doesn't matter how far back Trump brings us (Unless he drops a bomb, then you can say he's the worst) Trump will never be the president who tried to undo Lincoln's accomplishments.

And Obama isn't even a percentile worse than him Or Buchanan (who Obama shared a lot of similarities until 2015)

There were worse presidents, and in 150 years from now, unless a bomb is dropped its not really going to change.

Also he's never going to be the best, Get over It... Teddy Roosevelt is the best. Because Teddy not only had multiple accomplishments, his list of failures is way shorter than Lincoln's, Obama's, JFK's, Jefferson's, and even Ol' Georgie


i dont think any president can match Johnson and Jackson in terms of horribleness
Sent by BluJay112,Mar 12, 2018

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