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I'm about to go off

Feb 7, 2018 by tomhartnell
There's these old men at work, they should be the grandfatherly type (some of the old men actually are and they're awesome) However, they aren't, they look at the young girls' asses and talk about how they want to tear them open and eat them out.

I'm about to seriously vomit, and some of these girls allow some of these older men to grope them on the production floor.

I guess I grew up around older men who had morals and standards, who left their perverted thoughts in the past and stuck to women more around their age. I don't find it disgusting when an old man flirts with an older woman or slightly older. But, a 60 year old eyeing up an 18 year old girl who just graduated High School and still lives with her mom... That makes me physically ill just at the sight.

So I'm about to go off, call these pedos out for what they are, and if I get fired so be it... At least I stuck up for my morals


GET HIM TOM! I missed seeing you around here❤️❤️❤️
Sent by RightToCensor,Feb 7, 2018
Happy to see you're still alive
Sent by Timster,Feb 7, 2018

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