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1stOct 17, 2013 by tdan13
So this is how it all went down....I decided to take her skydiving on October 16th....our one year anniversary from when we first met.  We had met on the plane ride home from New Zealand coming back from our mission there.  So I decided to bring her back on a plane for my proposal.  Well I had a bunch of our friends waiting at the bottom with a huge sign that said "WILL YOU MARRY ME?!" and several bouquets of red roses.  Well after we jumped out of a plane and landed...she didnt even notice the sign or any of our friends there...she just ran up to me and gave me a big kiss.  Then our cameraman leaned over and said "I dont think she has looked around yet!"  And guess what...SHE STILL DIDNT SEE ANYTHING!  Then my friend gave me the ring and she said she heard me talking and didnt know what was going on until she looked in my hands and saw the ring...then I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.....AND SHE SAID YES!!!!!! 

SO pretty much....I am the happiest man alive right now :D

EDIT: Just so yall 22...straight...and from Hawaii...just to clear up any confusion :D


Awh grats! :)
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congrats :)
Sent by Tommeh208,Oct 17, 2013
oh wow! thats amazing!!! congrats!!!  :-)  tdan13
Sent by jhelsdon2478,Oct 17, 2013
Plused. Congrats! Dan. I hope you guys have a very long life together :) And that is a very pretty ring.
Sent by April_BB10,Oct 17, 2013
congrats!!!!! :))
Sent by caarr,Oct 17, 2013
tdan13 CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU ~~~~
Sent by ava_adore84,Oct 17, 2013
Is this your way of letting tengaged know you're unable to cam?
Sent by E_m_p_i_r_e,Oct 17, 2013
Yay! So happy for you! Congratulations :)
Sent by AlissaRose428,Oct 17, 2013
LMAO E_m_p_i_r_e
yes it is
Sent by tdan13,Oct 17, 2013
Awh boo
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aww congrats :D
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and you live in NZ?! :O
Sent by Istvan,Oct 17, 2013
istvan haha i wish!! we just did a 2 year mission trip in NZ!  i love it down there!!
Sent by tdan13,Oct 17, 2013
grats tdan13 :)
Sent by Kooldude1991,Oct 17, 2013
I love the ring it's soooo cute!
Sent by lacubanita24,Oct 17, 2013
Congrats, happy for you... < 3
Sent by Jenna2010,Oct 17, 2013
awe, i don't know you but i am so incredibly happy for you!! that is so exciting & i wish you both all the happiness in the world ^_^
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awww congrats :3
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awwweeee :)
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Ahh! Congratulations, Trevor!!
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grats!! i thought you were younger
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Hats off to you for wanting to be married so young ^_^
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congrats!! may your worst day together outshine your best day apart
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cute! grats :)
Sent by KidA,Oct 17, 2013
crazy bitch should of said no
Sent by Malphas,Oct 17, 2013
malphas  but she stfu :D
Sent by tdan13,Oct 17, 2013
Sent by RitaBlankets,Oct 17, 2013
congrats tdan13

wow so young and in love < 3
Sent by sprado91,Oct 17, 2013
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congrats :)
So happy for you
Sent by o_Elle_o,Oct 17, 2013
Congrats tdan13! But now I feel weird cause I'm only 1 year younger than you :/
Sent by brosky17,Oct 17, 2013
EDIT: Just so yall 22...straight...and from Hawaii...just to clear up any confusion :D


but grats:)
Sent by aaronstevens4444,Oct 17, 2013
congrats trevor!!! so happy for you both ♥
Sent by kavalle,Oct 17, 2013
congrats :D
Sent by dinosaurdan,Oct 17, 2013
trevor :')
Sent by Elvira,Oct 17, 2013
Oh, congratulations hon!
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gratz bro :D
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aww congrats im happy for u and istvan
Sent by karim,Oct 17, 2013
awwww :)
Sent by lanikai,Oct 17, 2013
Grats tdan13 :D
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Go get em Trev :) tdan13
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oh my gosh, that is amazing
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Sent by Missalice3,Oct 18, 2013
awww, congrats :)
Sent by Phenomanimal,Oct 18, 2013
congrats tdan13
Sent by SeanInDC,Oct 18, 2013
haha thats a funny way to propose, congratulations and hope you're together for ageeeeees
Sent by callumhibberd,Oct 18, 2013
congrats !
Sent by Krymster,Oct 18, 2013
yay str8m8!
Sent by ulicesgreen,Oct 18, 2013
Sent by WitZ,Oct 18, 2013
congratssss! :D i'll be expecting a mail from you on tengaged for my wedding invite :p
Sent by bunnycat,Oct 18, 2013
omg grats !!!!!!!
Sent by SexyBanana,Oct 18, 2013
very cute grats
Sent by MontyBurns,Oct 18, 2013
Happy for you! GL with everything & congrats
Sent by mocallio,Oct 18, 2013
Jwoww and roger proposal status
Sent by Nick24678,Oct 18, 2013

Sent by McBenjamin,Oct 18, 2013

Sent by McBenjamin,Oct 18, 2013
grats! :)
Sent by Ravenclawfan,Oct 18, 2013
Congrats dude the awesome wishing you both all the happiness
Sent by matty1982,Oct 18, 2013
You are adorable! Congratulations!!
Sent by XTina,Oct 18, 2013
congrats!!!! many happy years wished for u and the bride
Sent by Tabatha,Oct 18, 2013
Would you say that you're... tENGAGED?
Sent by AndThenThereWasOne,Oct 18, 2013
Sent by superman11,Oct 18, 2013
happy for both of u
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Congratulations :)
Sent by Sp33chless,Oct 18, 2013
tdan13 can you invite me to the wedding?

either nevada or hawaii, i'm up for either one (fingers crossed for hawaii)
Sent by kavalle,Oct 19, 2013

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