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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is a one way ticket to your darker side

Hi! A little about myself: I am 19 years old, a girl, a sophomore at a state university, I have my own apartment, and I'm a die hard republican. I also do NOT believe in God. I think religion is a bunch of mumbo jumbo that causes wars. I have 5 piercings and 6 tattoos! I love my tattoos and piercings. They add character.

Spam: If you spam me, I will not plus, and I might neg depending on my mood. You can plus/comment my blogs all you want, but I will NEVER plus. However, if you are one of my gifters, then I'll totally plus for you. Am I hypocrite? Yes, and I don't give a flying fuck.

Blog Pics: If you would like a custom blog pic, mail me with your first name, if you choose you want that in lieu of your username, a color scheme of 1-3 colors, and any shapes/flowers/icons/etc included. Don't be afraid to ask! I really enjoy making them!

Friend List: Beer Society frat mates first in alpha order, then other friends also in alpha order.

My Color Levels:
White: 10-9-13
Yellow: 10-12-13
Orange: 10-17-13
Light Green: 11-15-13
Dark Green: 11-28-13
Blue: 1-1-14
Purple: 2-25-14
Red: 3-11-14
Brown: 4-11-14
Black: 5-28-14
Silver: 12 karma to go!!!

Goal: Get 600 Karma by my 50th game!

Random Ass Stats About Me:
KPG: 12.7
Most Apples In A Casting: 10
Most Keys In A Casting: 6
Amount of Casting Wins: 10 (one being a Fasting)
1: White Crop Top - 6/13/14
2: Brown Glamour Hair - 6/27/14
1: Anonaly bought a Blue Innocent from shop Haus Of Gagaluv - 8/31/14
2: Female Stripper Outfit from Auctions - 9/20/14

My Loves:

My Eww List:
Too many to put! #Lawl

*Don't even bother messaging me unless you're on my friend's list. I'll delete your message, filter you, or both. I don't want to read your shit.*

Check my blog:

My Games 47 games played

28 Jul, 14
15 Jul, 14
6 Jul, 14
29 Jun, 14
23 Jun, 14
16 Jun, 14
8 Jun, 14

My Blog Check my blog!

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