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Nominated for 12th

15thMay 13, 2014 by tdan13
Wow! Never thought I'd actually ever be making a blog like this!  I had tried multiple times to get into stars but always failed.  This time, I even clicked the wrong tab and had to go back and join...and I still got in!  And I am so glad I did because this stars cast has been amazing!  It has been so much fun and I have made some new friends, which I am so happy for!

I am so grateful to have FlameonX in this game!  Derek is just such a stand up guy and it sucks that we are nominated together!  He and I are both playing a somewhat similar game where we don't follow any one alliance...I hear both options and then make my decisions based on what I feel is going to benefit me and him the most.  This decision just showed me that I trusted the wrong people this round.....but that won't happen again tengaged!

It has been a struggle in the house coming in because I know that ALOT of tengaged does not know who I am, even though I have been on here since September 2009!  I knew that I had to avoid the block as long as possible and I was a counter for 16th but was able to avoid that!  I tried to avoid this, but it was inevitable.  I know that the survivor of this poll is going to go back in the house and do amazing things!!

I have been gone for a couple months from tengaged because there was just so much going on that I needed to take a break.  I am taking 5 classes, working 2 jobs AAAND............................


She is the beautiful woman in my blog pic :)  Preparing for that has been so stressful...which is a huge reason I came back to tengaged a few days ago.  I needed a stress reliever and honestly, tengaged does that for me!  I am not a person who allows tengaged to overcome my life and become a major stressor because I know its just a game.  I honestly have had a lot of fun playing this game, despite all the drama and lies that have gone on...I have no hard feelings for anyone!  I hope you all can send me back in tengaged so I can show you what I am capable of! Thank you for all the love and support I've already gotten.... GOOD LUCK DEREK!!!

#OldSchoolTengagedFTW #FirstTimerFTW



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good luck i rem u saying she's from NZ congrats
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Gl and gratz!
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