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How big is Shakira

Oct 19, 2022 by sihz
in the american and european music industry?

Like for us latin americans, shes been making outstanding music since 1991 and shes still active creating new updated content. Her new vid just dropped an hr ago and shitttt that hurt, all she went through.

whats your fav Shakira song?


I remember doing a presentation once and we played awake Waka in the background (one of her most iconic hits to international listeners)
Sent by TDFan99,Oct 19, 2022
She used to make good songs, nowadays she only makes reggaeton 💔💔💔 i miss songs like rabiosa
Sent by Pavaneli,Oct 19, 2022
Lucky that my breasts are small and humble, so you don’t confuse them….
With admir’s tetas/ mountains
Sent by Allison,Oct 19, 2022
She’s so good you should hear me sing estoy aquí i sound like Patrick from Sponge Bob trying to sing the campfire song
Sent by Allison,Oct 19, 2022
She was fairly big here from lets sayyy 2006-2015.
Sent by zachbbs,Oct 19, 2022
La tortura!
Sent by ManniBoi,Oct 19, 2022
tbh no one talks about anymore here but to me she is still that bitch--and yeah this song is one of the greatest of all time
Sent by obscurity,Oct 19, 2022
pavaneli oh you kinda right, her new content is great but it sorta feels like shes getting sucked in by these new trends, it doesnt feel like "her"
Sent by sihz,Oct 19, 2022
I’m neither but she’s been an icon here since whenever wherever. Hips don’t lie bay bay
Sent by Minie,Oct 19, 2022
TASTE as usual Minie
Sent by sihz,Oct 19, 2022

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