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I Can't Believe I am Going To Be on Stars!!!!!

1stJan 12, 2019 by ryan5676
It's finally happening after 7 years being on this site I will be playing in stars.

I would like to thank my fellow Brit Members for making this possible with winning the stars seat and I will do my best out there. This will be a strange experience but also exciting and I can't wait for it to begin!


Good luck!!!!
Sent by Jameslu,Jan 12, 2019
Sent by hellocat,Jan 12, 2019

Sent by LiukBB,Jan 12, 2019
tbh im not saving you. for all the times u sent me spam馃槀
Sent by chillum,Jan 12, 2019
Sent by Arris,Jan 12, 2019
Get it Ryan!
Sent by dandoe,Jan 12, 2019
Sent by IMon,Jan 12, 2019
Congrats. I hope you enjoy the experience
Sent by damo1990,Jan 12, 2019
Sent by PoisonedHeart,Jan 12, 2019
You are gonna lose! The Dark Side is not on your side bitch! Prepare to be evicted by my whole frat for stealing that seat from us! We will show you no mercy and we will bring you down! You will win only
Sent by Katherinee_,Jan 12, 2019
Katherinee_ Hey if you want vengeance, come for me! I'm the one who stole it from you. 馃槉
Come at me, bro, I'm ripped!
Sent by Yoshitomi,Jan 12, 2019
Yoshitomi I already tried to shade you, but you showed yourself as the bigger person and took it for a joke. Leave him fight his own fights. He is going to meet a lot more sharp-tongued people in the stars game. If he cant handle me, he can consider himself an early goner.
Sent by Katherinee_,Jan 12, 2019
Katherinee_ Why would I handle someone like you who is a small fish and is just an attention whore who wants that 15 mins of fame!
Sent by ryan5676,Jan 12, 2019
ryan5676 If I am a small fish, you are a worm and bitch I will eat you!
Sent by Katherinee_,Jan 12, 2019
Congrats and good luck!
Sent by C00LDUDE1000,Jan 12, 2019
Good luck ryan
Sent by bibbles,Jan 12, 2019
Sent by Iceey,Jan 12, 2019
oh no
Sent by ghrocky100,Jan 12, 2019
Good luck Ryan!!
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Jan 12, 2019
Yay! Well done Ryan5676
Sent by TommyD,Jan 12, 2019
good luck Ryan!
Sent by chris2pei,Jan 12, 2019
Good luck!
Sent by Cromatique,Jan 12, 2019
congrats and gl!
Sent by skyler1822,Jan 12, 2019
Good luck!
Sent by Piddu,Jan 13, 2019

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