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hot take Jun 13, 2023
i love the classic avatar options, i think the cartoonish style is cute! i wish we had more options (particularly better skin tone options and clothes), cause i'd definitely use it more!
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ohhayy aka jessica Jun 12, 2023
i’m going to be so for real with you, if you do not leave me alone, i will literally air out your dirty laundry. i have so much evidence stacked on you it’s insane lol. you’re a creep, you’re dirty, you’re raunchy, i don’t talk about you, so quit talking about me.

consider this statement a warning, i hear one more thing, you’ll be banned from this website so quickly. i’m tossing you a bone doggy, better take it and run.

(edit: this is just a repost, i just like joking with ohhayy!)
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karma is a cat Jun 10, 2023
purring in my lap 'cause it loves me! (my cat is in my lap right now)
(not my cat, but he looks just like the cat in the gif!)
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survivor payouts update Jun 9, 2023
does anyone remember when they changed the payouts for vivor?
Points: 43 8 comments
just won roblox outlander May 30, 2023
it's 3:40am on a tuesday. no jury votes, won by advantages and immunities. were they children? probably. did it feel any less satisfying? absolutely not. (i needed this)
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no title May 29, 2023
zeptis I am never helping u ever ever ever again!! U are the biggest fucking fake ass friend there is!! U tell me u will make it up to me and yet u always screw me over so fuck u and the horse u rode in on!! I'm never talking to u again
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