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dimension 20 free episodes? Jul 3, 2023
does anyone know how to find full episodes for dimension 20? particularly the newest season, but i'm trying to catch up so i appreciate any! i don't have dropout :(
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tv star!! Jun 27, 2023
after 3 years and 20 days, i finally made it!

i just want to thank everyone for such a wonderful time on this website, as my summer has become more hectic (aka less time for tengaged), i'm likely going to finish my group games and then take a break during the fall semester.

i just want to thank the friends i've made during my time here, you all know who you are!! i appreciate your kindness and support more than you can imagine. tengaged is such a crazy, but awesome community of people. please keep in touch on my socials posted on my page, i'm not likely to check tengaged as often other than for group game obligations! i'll be back as soon as i have time to devote to games. i hope you all have an amazing summer!

with so much love,
- joshgillespie
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female avatar?? Jun 16, 2023
i have enough designs for a female avatar now too!! look at me, i can do both!

her name is josh gillespie.
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thinking about her tonight Jun 15, 2023
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happy national... Jun 15, 2023

you've been one of my closest friends on this website, i'm so glad that i met you and that you've been such a great friend throughout the last couple of years! i hope you have an amazing day! <3
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has anyone actually spoken Jun 14, 2023
to joshgillespie before? and i mean like verbally. is he even real?
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