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[MOD] Password Recovery Issues

3rdFeb 22, 2021 by brandonpinzu
Does anybody know of anybody who has been having issues recovering a password from their old account? I am wondering mainly for people who are not receiving the password recovery link in their email, so not necessarily users who don't remember their email or can't access their email.

EDIT: Any issue regarding password recovery links not being sent should now be resolved. If there are any issues still occuring, please reach out. Thank you randomize for fixing this! If you have an old account that you would like to return to, please reach out to the moderation team.


donaam was before he miraculously remembered his password

he has access to his email but wasnt getting recovery emails
Sent by lemonface,Feb 22, 2021
druu bengalboy and I had this issue

I have a Hotmail email not sure about druu. They just never send. I was locked out for like a week until I had a brain blast and figured it out.
Sent by unkown,Feb 22, 2021
Me with jaylen
Sent by BadBunny,Feb 22, 2021
coolbluep123 i am in touch with him daily so let me know if you need me to relay any info to him
Sent by mikec51,Feb 22, 2021
brandonpinzu can you help me for iggy or lordzappy
Sent by BibaBenja,Feb 22, 2021
I feel like a lot of passwords glitched and don’t let people in
Sent by Chic,Feb 22, 2021
this happened to me because i use a yahoo account. luckily i finally remembered the password. awesome mods
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,Feb 22, 2021
Fingers crossed someone can get my old account “Stick” unbanned since it was hacked and permed years ago
Sent by GrrrImABear,Feb 22, 2021
Me, I mailed about it, someone hacked the email linked with XavierR83
Sent by XavierR833,Feb 22, 2021
please mail me brandonpinzu
Sent by helpmeout,Feb 22, 2021
I don't care to have my old account back, but Randomize has spoken about possibly being able to give me my designs that I had on disneygeek on this account of mine, is there anyway I can get an update on that?
Sent by Nikk1Grahame,Feb 22, 2021
hi I forgot the password to my old account and do not have access to my old email. idk if there's anything you can do for that?
Sent by morseka3,Feb 22, 2021
Sent by BryanXx,Feb 22, 2021
I need help recovering mysterygame
Sent by mysterygame2,Feb 23, 2021
thanks again for the help lads randomize brandonpinzu 👍
Sent by BengalBoy,Feb 23, 2021
hmmmm should I ask to get Lissylion15 back I kinda like doobee
Sent by doobee,Feb 23, 2021

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