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8thNov 18, 2015 by brandonpinzu
Really wouldn't be that bad, if we didn't have idiots who ruin it by cheating and breaking the rules that were once put in place. 90% of us still follow those "rules" that were put in when moderation actually existed.

And to the people who mail me over and over again trying to get in contact with randomize, I have already sent him e-mail after e-mail saying that we need new moderators. He told me was going to appoint some, and actually told me 2 names that he was going to appoint, but apparently hasn't gotten around to it yet.

Sent by Halloween,Nov 18, 2015
this is probably why we have laws in shit LOL cause can you imagine what would happen irl i mean itd be worse than it is now :x
Sent by Thumper91,Nov 18, 2015
WTF hun what is this mess.
Sent by TrollingPenguin,Nov 18, 2015
yeah its complete shit now
Sent by JordanLloydFan,Nov 18, 2015

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