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Anyone else want a gift?

5thSep 18, 2020 by blazermaniac94
I'm feeling giving tonight.  Let me know if you want a gift or tag someone who doesn't have a gift that deserves it.


RealityChris could use one :)
Sent by Heavenlee,Sep 18, 2020
I could go for another one

Lol jk ;P
Sent by XxLoveWakizaxX,Sep 18, 2020
me please <3 I've been gifted only once, and I would be really grateful <3
Sent by KevsssInDaHouse,Sep 18, 2020
Me please Chic dress
Sent by Malamente,Sep 18, 2020
If you decide to, I'd like to have a male avi thing
Sent by KevsssInDaHouse,Sep 18, 2020
ouijake is a nice newb I met and he was asking me today how shops work and said he was gonna try to save up for something. I love gifting people, but I don't have enough
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Sep 18, 2020
_Gabss Hair
Sent by Malamente,Sep 18, 2020
Sent by CheapCheep,Sep 18, 2020
May I have the purple dress? If it鈥檚 sold out anything Tammy Faye is posting. I鈥檓 having such a horrible day. I saw a dead viper 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ
Sent by Minie,Sep 18, 2020
I would really love anything female pls and ty 鉂わ笍
Sent by Fetish,Sep 18, 2020
Sent by ShaniquaJones,Sep 18, 2020
Jacket male of Ashley shop
Sent by LolaIndigo,Sep 18, 2020
I鈥檇 really appreciate one!
Sent by Spark_,Sep 18, 2020
You鈥檙e amazing man, I love the selflessness 鉂わ笍
Sent by FromAWindow,Sep 18, 2020
omg we stan kindness, i would love anything
Sent by gethann,Sep 18, 2020
tysm cheritaisdelicious for thinking of me! and blazermaniac94 thank you for the gift, i love it! you're very kind to do so <3
Sent by ouijake,Sep 18, 2020
valgarfield deserves a gift! :) <3
Sent by joshgillespie,Sep 18, 2020
Sent by Queen7,Sep 18, 2020
yes sirrr ill takr naything male
Sent by salmaan,Sep 18, 2020
yes pls and thank you
Sent by CallMeTheGOAT,Sep 18, 2020
i would love a gift
Sent by Yawnha,Sep 18, 2020
I would like 1!
Sent by Bogmire,Sep 18, 2020
I would love a gift
Sent by Mrkk,Sep 18, 2020

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