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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is n't Spark

I'm Spark, a Hardcore Survivor fan and Casual Big Brother Fan.

“ladies and gentlemen, the winner of suitman survivor but a loser in everything else”

I guess I'm late to the tengaged party. Everyone talks about how we're in the "dark ages" and I wish I could see it in its glory days

I only plus spam from friends

Blackunicorns 27 minutes ago
Spark is one to watch for sure

"Spark is one in a generation"

"spark is a funny little man"

"Me realizing the moment I hit the jury house that it was a mistake to keep spark over zach"

Group Games

Suitman's Survivor: Cephalonia - [1st/20] - Received 6 votes to win

Cutthroat Survivor: Past & Present - [4th/16] - 8th Member of Jury
+ Villain of the Season
+ Best Confessionalist
E&S Survivor: Sri Lanka - [5th/18] - 6th Member of Jury
+ Hero of the Season
+ Host's Favorite Award
Cutthroat Survivor: Lipari Islands - [6th/16] - 6th Member of Jury
BigBen's Survivor: Azores - [12th/22] - 2nd Member of Jury
Will's Survivor: West Indies - [16th/18]
+ best pre-merger
E&S Survivor: All Stars - [19th/21]

63rd best Cutthroat Gen 2 Player

Start Date: 11/9/2019
Yellow: 3/16/2020
Orange: 3/24/2020
Light Green: 4/7/2020
Dark Green: 4/21/2020
Blue: 6/3/2020

First Fasting Win: 11/11/2019
First Casting Win: 11/13/2019
First Frookies Win:
First Rookies Win:
First Merge:

"Villain of the Season - SPARK, who made everyone mad somehow"

158 days 4 hours ago

My Games 31 games played

20 Apr, 21
5 Apr, 21
16 Mar, 21
5 Feb, 21
1 Feb, 21
24 Jul, 20
16 Jul, 20

My Blog Check my blog!

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